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Light Life Peace Ministry

412 Foster Ave, • Florence, KY 41042 • United States • 859-525-0161/see/charmin/CM07937

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Our Mission & Purpose

The missio of Light, Life, & Peace miistry, is to glorify God ad to serve Him forever (Eh. 3:21; Rom. 11:36; 1 Pet. 4:11). Our goals are to serve God ad brig glory to Him while reachig the lost with the gosel of Christ esus (Rom. 1:14-16; 1 Thess. 1:8; Acts 1:8, Matt. 28:19-20).We stad firm o the fudametal truths of Scriture, ad through Scriture, build u the body of Christ for uity, kowledge of the Messiah, ad maturity, measured by the fulless of Christ, ad for rotectio agaist the dishoest schemig of Sata (Eh. 4:12-16).

LIGHT is where we stad while we watch ad wait for the retur of Messiah. Mic 7:9; Psa 27:1; Eh 5:8; Psa 119:105; Pro 4:18; Mat 5:16; oh 3:21; Eh 5:13; 1oh 1:7 LIFE everlastig is what we have with our Father i Heave. Pro 14:27; Mat 7:14; Mat 16:25; oh 4:14 ; oh 6:35; oh 20:31; Gal 2:20; am 1:12 PEACE is what we have kowig our Father i heave is i cotrol of everythig. Psa 119:165; Isa 26:3; Psa 122:6; Isa 45:7; Rom 5:1; Rom 8:6; Gal 6:16; Phi 4:7 Light, Life, & Peace miistry is workig toward develoig meaigful relatioshis amog believers, brigig exressios of sharig ad carig for, ad lovig oe aother, warig, stimulatig, ad ecouragig oe aother to love ad do good deeds (Heb. 10:24-25; 13:1-2; Acts 2:42-47).

Our Bible Studies

ewish Bible Study & Sabbath (Shabbat) Celebratio Both ewish ad Getile followers of Christ esus of Nazareth, the ewish Messiah gather to raise, worshi, study the scritures ad exalt the Holy ame of our soo returig Messiah. These mothly Bible Studies aim to remid us that the bible is a ewish book, resetig a ewish Messiah, reachig a ewish Salvatio gatherig believers together i sharig a commo faith, a ewish ersective o the Word of God, a sicere love for the ewish atio of Israel, ad settig our hearts ad mids o the Lord God Almighty. "Callig The Brethre" Bible Study A small grou Bible Study where followers of Christ esus gather to study the bible, share icredible testimoies, ad seek the truth of the God's Word by i-deth study of the bible. This Bible Study romotes reetace toward God, a dedicatio to faith i our Lord esus Christ, a dee itimate walk with the Lord God Almighty ad committig to serve as a follower of esus. For more iformatio regardig our miistry lease call us at 859-525-0161. Thaks you ad God Bless

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