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5965 Colonial Trail West -., ROUTE 10 • Spring Grove (Surry County), VA 23883 • United States • 757 294-0139/see/charmin/CM07933

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Mission of Helping Hands Ministry:

The Helpig hads Drive Campaig of Virgiia, a o-profit christia auxiliary miistry, created out of the hearts of a small group of seior aged voluteers (ages 55 to 68) i rural farm commuity, Surry Couty came to the rescue durig atural disaster ad the aftermath of 23 Storm Isabel.-BR+ Determied ad coviced that "true miistry" meat always "extedig a had" with mids at work ad willig hearts, these seiors collected, meded ad repaired doated clothig, distributed household goods, sudries, caed foods ad dry food for servicig families. -BR+ The daily routie icluded travelig to the commuity of housig apartmets ad homes to feed others usig a outdoor barbeque grills after the first sigs of loss of power ad refrigeratio were experieced. -BR+ I may istaces, this coditio of loss of electrical power lasted for 6 to 8 weeks. -BR+ The seiors cotiued durig the holidays preparig large umbers of Thaksgivig diers for families i distress ad those without use of kitche facilities due to displacemet, ad deliverig toys at Christmas. -BR+ They realized how crucial it had become whe families were blighted by crisis of temporary homelessess,loss of jobs, trasitio, separatio from family members, huger ad deprivatio at all levels.-BR+ The Helpig Hads Drive acted o churches ad Couty's Social Services referrals.

New Home of the Helping Hands Drive Campaign

I late October 23, i the midst of Surry's Sprig Grove ad Claremot sectios, whe may homes were lost to the stormy currets of the James River with Storm Isabel, the Helpig hads Doatio ad Distributio Ceter, a buildig site, opeed its doors for people to receive help i distress regardless of race, creed or atioality to also aid the poor o a ogoig basis.-BR+ Helpig Hads Drive is ot a moetary fuded effort.-BR+ It receives clothig doatios from idividuals ad corporate sposors i the commuity that support its efforts.-BR+ It is solely volutary ad serves as auxiliary of tax deductible o profit 51c3 charity.-BR+ If you wish to exted help to voluteers who have "families at heart" ad wish to doate "ew to almost ew clothig", household, sudries goods, etc., please cotact us at the email address show below: or write to: Rev. Douglas F. Adams, Fouder ad Presidet c/o Helpig Hads Committee of Voluteers Route 1, Box U (Browsview Lae) Surry , Virgiia 23883 YOU WILL MAE A DIFFERENCE!

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