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Teenager Resource Center

I Ogboli Road, Inland Town • Onitsha, Anambra 430234 • Nigeria • 08106851951http:///see/charmin/CM07916

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Mission Statement.

Teeagers are precious to God and to us and our mission is to provide them with resources for their spiritual, physical and mental growth and developmet.

About Us.


Teeagers resource Center (TRC) is born out of a vision from God to rebuild the broke down world of teenagers. As the name implies, TRC is a center that makes resources available to teenagers all over the world. The resources are geared towards the spiritual, physical and mental enhancement of the teens. It is a Christian based center and aims at helping teenagers find true meaning and purpose in life.

Nehemiah the prophet, as recorded in the Bible (see Nehemiah chapter 2), got a vision from God to rebuild the broke down walls of Jerusalem. He made plans and with the help of others rebuilt that wall.
The living word of God is the only source through which the teens will be reconciled back to God. TRC, by the inspiration of God, has mapped out plans to enable it achieve the aim of reaching the teenage world with the word of God.

The vision to rebuild the teenage world is universal in nature and a website will greatly enhance reaching out to a large audience of teenagers and their parents. TRC has developed this website through which it will spread the gospel to the teens and provide them with online resources for their growth and development.

TRC is planing a center to provide resources and training to teens under a library project and vocatioal/computer-based training program. The library project will provide reading and other materials for teens, while the training program will provide vocational and computer based training for teens. The center will provide food and other physical needs to teens that are less privileged. More locations will be added, as the Lord will lead.

Above all, the preparation of the teens with the word God is the primary aim of TRC and through it TRC will attract, train and utilize the teens for a better world.

We invite you to be a part of TRC and you can do this by any or all of this ways: -

* Finacial contribution and donations. We welcome any contribution that you can give to TRC (money and material things). We need as may computers that we can get for the training we are engaged in. We also need book donations for our library project.

* Intellectual contributions. We will be glad if you can send us articles and information that relate to this vision and to teens in general. We have our newsletter that requires articles and we will be glad to add your articles in our newsletter.

* Prayers. You can also be part of what God is doing by prayig and interceding for the youths and teenagers at your private time with God. Ask that the Lord will manifest Himself in the Lives of teenagers through the center and restore dominion to them.

Thanks and God bless you, as you become part of us.

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