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The Mentoring Project

129 Lorne St, • Lennoxville, QC J1M 1E3 • Canada • 1 819 578 4922/see/charmin/CM07913

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Men Mentoring Men

Me feel it, wome kow it, childre experiece it. Somewhere alog life's path, me of all ages will feel discoected from God ad from some area of life. Jesus hrist calls all me to be his disciples, loyal ad disciplied to grow i their relatioship with Him. Outside of spiritual growth, me eed to meet to pray ad seek solutios to life's challeges for their families, chose vocatio, voluteer ad miistry.

Based i eoxville, Quebec, The Metorig Project is brigig together me who pray ad have hearts for growig i their walk with Jesus hrist. Over the ext three years, from November 2003 to 2006, me will gather weekly to pray. Our desire is to pray strategically for me i our commuities. We pray for them by ame, recordig our weekly prayer themes, believig God for aswered prayer.

At the heart of the miistry is prayer. But we also kow that prayer without effort is weak faith. Jesus prayed to the Father, ad the wet ito actio. He preached, healed ad restored me ad wome. The Metorig Project brigs me from all deomiatios together for regular teachig ad seekig times. Our goal over the ext three years is to have at least 500 me to participate i oe metorig traiig sessio. We ecourage me to grow ad be more effective me i all realms of life.

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