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Tyrone T Dancys Encouragement Prayer Ministry

8601 Rugby Street, • Philadelphia, PA 19150 • 215-248-5180/see/charmin/CM07897

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Mission Statement & Declaration

Missio Statemet: To make our immediate world a better place. To brig the presece of Almighty God ito our midst everyday, by goig before the altar. To rid our lives of axiety, fear, hatred, tesio, sickess, poverty, sadess, depressio, discouragemet, disease, igorace, evil, deceit, illegal drugs thievery, terrorism, ad War Declaratio: The Ecouragemet Miistry Circle of Prayer participats are filled with a love for God, self ad others. They have faith, ad hope. They are optimistic, cheerful, friedly, beevolet, kid, thoughtful, ethusiastic, warm, courageous, sicere, ad decisive. They believe i the power of prayer ad that God Almighty the Creator of heave ad earth aswers prayer. What the world eeds ow are prayer warriors. Our world is i dreadful, awful, shockig, moral, ad spiritual decay. We must pray for lastig world peace, the eradicatio of racism, prejudice, hatred, ijustice, the ed to idustrial ad commercial thievery. We eed atioal health care, ad the proper care ad compesatio for disabled veteras. There are may other cocers some immediate ad life threateig. We desperately eed to uite i prayer. At 7AM & 7PM where you are come to those hours rememberig all the ways God has helped you i the past, ad come expectig him to help you eve more i the future. Come acceptig his love, mercy, ad grace, come with yielded heart that says simply "Lord Jesus Christ Please chage me." Come to be trasformed, looseed up, healed, empowered, ad tremedously blessed. Come, please to make a differece i the lives of those aroud you, at 7AM ad at 7PM meet with us at the altar. That altar is where ever you are at those times. Page Oe of Three The Ecouragemet Miistry Circle of Prayer is part of Tyroe T Dacy's Ecouragemet Miistry Outreach ad Prayer Crusade We urgetly eed a pla for systematic prayer, ad this is it. We set aside 7 miutes, twice a day to fervet prayer. We will sychroize our prayerful thoughts for 7AM & 7PM 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. For those who are able to devote a half hour or a hour to prayer that would be a substatial blessig. Over time this systematic approach will make a sigificat impact o our world.

The Remarkable Results of Prayer

Focused prayer ca yields remarkable results. A miute ca make a differece; seve miutes used proficietly ca save lives. I the Hadbook of Positive Prayer, by hypatia Hasbrouck o page 62 is a seve-step prayer. I suggest devotig a miute to each step. If you have the time, devote two miutes to each step. The Seve-Step Prayer is as Follows: 1) Illumiatio- You affirm the presece of God. 2) Adoratio- you offer praise ad thaksgivig for God's presece i your life. 3) Forgiveess- you ask for God's forgiveess of your trasgressios ad accept release. 4) Acceptace- of God's blessigs ad God's will- you ackowledge the good i your life ad accept God's will for your life. 5) Requestig guidace- aid, healig, for the sick, shut i, hospitalized ad disabled. You affirm the presece of God to ay challege, ad supplyig those i eed. 6) Prayig for your family, commuity, city, state, ad coutry. 7) Meditatio- listeig for God's guidace, takig a miute or two to reflect o your time i God's presece. It is writte "Pray without ceasig." Pray for those doig God's will. Pray for yourself askig for cotiual guidace, wisdom, discermet, health, ad prosperity. Pray for this Ecouragemet Miistry that its missio ad purpose may be fulfilled. Please remai committed. Be cosistet ad faithful. Pray with Persistece! Lear to look forward to those divie commuio times with your heavely Father. At 7AM & 7PM we will have the opportuity to see beyod ourselves ad focus spiritually o God's ifiite Power. We ca surreder our worldly problems completely to God ad ask for divie itervetio. Frequecy i prayer will brig dow so much of God's power ito our lives. Stop ow! Ad go get your Bible ad read II Chro.7: 14. Do ot kow what to pray about regardig our World ad daily evets? Please permit me to offer a few examples ad suggestios. There are iumerable matters to be brought before the throe of God. Our ier Cities ad urba battlefields. City blocks ad eighborhoods. The churches ad array of Miisters, deacos, ad lay workers. The public school systems with its teachers, couselors, psychiatrists, ad other educatioal specialists ad admiistrators. The departmet of public welfare, with its caseworkers, social workers, supervisors, ad ispectors. The police departmet of with its patrol persoel ad detectives, juveile officers ad special crimes uits. Page Two of Three The Ecouragemet Miistry Circle of Prayer is part of Tyroe T Dacy's Ecouragemet Miistry Outreach ad Prayer Crusade The City plaig departmet, City health, ad welfare, Public housig ad The City govermet ad a edless stream of City officials, politicias, lawyers, doctors, urses, City workers, social agecies, ad every departmet imagiable. Prayer is required ad desperately eeded. We must lear to pray before a tragedy or disaster. God says," Cotiue earestly i prayer, beig vigilat i it with Thaksgivig." (Colossias 4:2) " Me ought always to pray ad ot lose heart." (Luke 18:1) "Pray without ceasig" (1 Thessaloias 5:17) "Watch therefore ad pray always" (Luke 21:36) Where there is frequecy of prayer there will be cotiuig display of God's Power. Prayer has a correspodig blessig coected with it. We eed to pray regularly, our world is i turmoil, chaos, disorder, cofusio, ad havoc. Whe we pray collectively, God respods. Difficult ad impossible situatios chage. Ad the uexplaied happes. "Agai I say uto you, that if two of you shall agree o earth as touchig aythig that they shall ask, it shall be doe for them of my father which is i heave" Matthew18:19 Please joi the Circle of Prayer phoe i your commitmet Tyroe T Dacy's Ecouragemet Miistry

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