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P.O. BOX LA 566.LA, • ACCRA, WEST/AFRICA • Ghana • 233-24-4265161/see/charmin/CM07885

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Ours is a idegious outreach miistry located i Accra-Ghaa. This miistry was established i 1997. Our missio is:-

1.To share the love of Christ through the propagatio of the gospel most especially i the rural areas.

2.To provide social,health ad welfare services such as distibutio of food,clothig.medicie,good drikig water to the eedy i the Ghaaia society. 3.To promote poverty alliviatio programes,such as farmig,settig up of cottage idustries,most especially i the rural areas to improve upo the livig stadard of the people. 4.To estblish schools especially i rural areas to meet the educatioal eeds of the childre livig i these reas where the rate of poverty is very high. 5.To stablish a orphaage to cater for the ophas ad destitute i the Ghaaia society. NEEDS OF MINISTY ----------------- 1.Computers 2.Pritera 3.Projectors 4.Va or Bus 5.Clothe 6.Food aid 7.Bibles 8.Fiacial Support

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