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Rev Iqbal Daniel- Vision Karachi-

P.O.Box 15599, • Karachi, Sind 75530 • Pakistan • 92-300-2142897/see/charmin/CM07859

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Refuge Ministries

R - Refuge
E - Evagelism
F - Faith
U - Uity
G - Grace
E - Ecouragemet
 Our focus of miistry icludes:
a) Reewal meetigs, semiars
b) Evagelistic outreach
c) brigig uity i differet grous ad stad uited i His love
d) Hosital Miistry
e) Priso miistry
f) Literature Miistry
g) Adult Literacy rogramme 
h) Ladies vocatioal cetre
i) Christia educatio rogramme

Conversion Story


(Outlied Oly)

Bor i Karachi-South of Pakista o 1st July 1948. I 1966 bega the Bible Corresodece School Course, first i Urdu, te i Sidhi(my mother togue) ad the i Eglish, comletig all the available courses here (based o Emmaus Bible School-USA). Bega meetig Christias i 1977. I October 1978 had a visio of Joh 5:1-1 writte o a scroll, verse 1 was read aloud to me agai ad agai-"He who has the SON has Life..." Shared the visio with Michael Nazir Ali (Presetly Bisho of Rochester-Eglad) who said, "This is the Good-News give to you. Decided to follow ad accet Christ. There followed a difficult time, had a direct call, i a visio, for miistry. It was durig day time as I was relaxig ad thikig about Christ, ad just asked oe questio from Him."Lord where you wat to lead me?" I the visio I was i a lace of worshi, surrouded by me with white robes. Saw the Old Testamet saits rohets ad disciles all surrouded ad covered by a bright light. The came a voice, "My child ow you receive from Me ad go, you will be my witess amog Christias ad o-Christias."This was a direct call give to me for evagelism ad to evagelize may who do ot kow Christ. Rev Trevor Glover (a missioary from Eglad-ow restig i Lord) later batized me o 31st December 1978. Graduated i theology from Karachi Diocesa Semiary i 1984 ad was ordaied i Feb: 1985. Got married i 1983(arraged marriage). Durig my Semiary traiig ad till ow have bee miisterig to sick, oor, broke-hearted, those addicted with drugs ad moreover God has bee usig me to share Good News to o-Christias.

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