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Ministerial Commission:

The Helping Hands Drive Campaign of Virginia is a non-profit christian/charismatic auxiliary ministry of Evang.Tabernacle, Inc., a 501c3 charity. The Helping Hands Drive Campaign emerged from the hearts of a group of senior-aged volunteers of rural farm community, Surry County, Virginia. The group originated its campaign mission when it came to the rescue of others during the disaster and aftermath of Hurricane Isabel in the Winter of 2003. Determined and convinced that "true ministry" meant always reaching and "extending a hand," with a mind to work and with willing heart, these volunteers readily collected for mending and repairing, donated clothing; blankets and bedding, hats, shoes and, handed out canned and packaged foods, sundries and household goods for immediate dispersal to families affected by hurricane conditions. (This included assistance to the disabled and invalid person(s), victims displaced due to roof destruction and/or loss of their homes; fire victims; those faced with sudden homelessness; the unemployed due to storm conditions on job, and others that were referred from the county's social services to the campaign for assistance.) Within days of the storm's aftermath, the daily routine of these senior volunteers included traveling to the county housing apartments to feed families in courtyards by preparing hot food with the use of outdoor grills when the first sign of power outage and loss of refrigeration were experienced. This loss continued for months in some areas of the county, surrounding areas, and specifically, where over 100 homes were lost to the rising currents of the James River. The seniors, both men and women, realized how crucial it had become as evidenced in families in transition, blighted by crisis, dispair, hunger and deprivation to the degree never visualized in their small rural area county of approx.6,500 residents. They succumbed 10+ hours of sudden Isabel hurricane storms. It became necessary to distribute donated turkeys to families with "adequate" cooking facilities while distributing meals to others at Thanksgiving; and, packaging stuffed toys for children at Christmas to relieve the stress of the holidays and to emphasize that there was hope for tomorrow.

Mission Outreach Today

The Helping Hands Drive Campaign opened a walk-in distribution building site in Surry's area of Spring Grove during the latter part of 2003. In year 2004 it continues to open its doors weekly to respond - free of charge - to serving and aiding the poor, the elderly, large families with children and those individuals that remain homeless and distressed. Helping Hands Drive Campaign is not a monetary funded effort by no means. It depends on the goodwill of individuals and community sponsors that donate goods that support the vision and charitable efforts for responding to help others within our communities. If you know of families near this locality requiring temporary help due to being victimized by fire, or other acts of distress and crisis, --- or you know of individuals or businesses who wish to also extend help to our volunteers with donations of " almost new condition " items for distribution to be shared with those in need, contact our staff at the email address shown: or, you may write us c/o of: Rev. Douglas F. Adams, Founder and President, Helping Hands Drive Committee of Volunteers,Route 1,Box U,(Brownsview Lane) Surry, Virginia 23883 "YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE"!

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