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Jesus Seminars in the Local Church

Box 835, • Barnegat, NJ 08005 • United States • 609-660-1129/see/charmin/CM07771

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Educational Needs of the Church and this Seminar

To order the text by phone: (888)280-7715
Many church members do not continue their Bible study and education beyond early Sunday School years. It is time for some significant study and adult education to take place in the local church. This seminar will provide some amazing understanding of who Jesus really is. Participants will learn about the various scholarly "quests" for the historical Jesus over the years. It is also an understanding of this course that just as the Bible getting into the hands of the people in the Sixteenth Century had both a dramatic and even an explosive effect on the church, and on the world, so an understanding of who Jesus really is may indeed also have such a dramatic, explosive effect today on both the church and on the world.

This text book is about the historical Jesus, "humanity." A future course will be available on the Christ of Faith, "divinity." Both couses are designed to stimulate a strong adult education experience in the local church. Our particular local church is calling our adult education the "Free University" guiding our people to never stop learning. The courses are to stiumulate our minds!

Was Jesus of Nazareth a traveling Cynic-like sage, an itinerant rabbi, a Jewish holy man, a wisdom prophet, a Jewish peasant leader involved in a renewal movement? Who was he anyway?

Was he a revolutionary zealot, a reformer, a charismatic holy man, a wonderworking healer, a Galilean magician/shaman? Is it possible to uncover from the scant evidence who Jesus really was? Our text, "That Rabbi from Nazareth," is involved in the quests for the historical Jesus and makes some rather amazing conclusions.

With chapters like "Jesus as Punster," (the humor of Jesus), "Jesus as Prophet," (the subversive first century breaker of religious rules), and "Jesus as Party Animal," (the almost daily participation in Messianic banquets in the homes of peasants where there was eating and drinking (so much so that Jesus was accused of being a "winebibber and glutton"), all begin to interest the reader to continue his or her own personal quest through all fifty-two chaptes. Dare to expand your mind by reading this history book on the Rabbi from Nazareth.

Materials available:
1. Text book, "That Rabbi From Nazareth," $16.00 call (888)-280-7715; $19.95 bookstores, available on line for $16.00 through AuthorHouse-1stBooks, also electonically.
Order web site
2, A future text, "That Messiah from Nazareth"
3. A Lenten Study Book, 6 chapters on the historical Jesus. $3.00
4. A retreat study book on the historical Jesus. $2.00
5. A study guide with questions for discussion. $2.00
6. A brochure your church can use to sign up people for class.
7. Various pictures of Jesus by medieval and contemporary artists to use as visual aides in class. FREE
8. A children's/family's Coloring Book, entitled "The Almost Upside-down Kingdom of Jesus of Nazareth" Soon to be published.

How to Begin a Jesus Seminar at your Church

Easter Sunday, 2004, the major on-line book stores will begin providing our text book, "That Rabbi From Nazareth." (order 888-280-7715)Questions about beginning such a course on the historical Jesus in the local church can be answered by contacting us through email, or A course can be anything from a six week seminar up to a one year weekly course having a Spring and Fall Semester.
You can also call Ed Tenhor at 609-660-1129, cell, 917-957-5636, or write to Box 835, Barnegat, New Jersey 08005

We can also design a brochure for your church telling about the seminar, a hand-out that would be good to use both around the church and around the community.
We also have an inexpensive workbook available to assist in learning.

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