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Forerunner Generation Inc

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About us

Foreruer Geeratio, Ic is a evagelistic ad prophetic miistry that is committed to seeig a reformatio sweep the earth. God is about to pour out His Glory i ways we ca ot uderstad. God is redig the Heaves ad dwellig with His people. We coduct meetigs i every city i America ad i may atios. vagelist Peter Vadever is also a author of several books.


vagelist Peter Vadever is NOT i the miistry to make moey. Whe travelig i the Uited States, he perfers to travel via Greyhoud. He says "You ca ot be aythig but dow ad out if you are o a Greyhoud. Jesus would go Greyhoud." AS far as lodgig, He perfers to stay with a host over a hotel/motel. He will also sleep i the church if eeded to miister. He will eat o his ow. Basically, all he asks of a host church is for the travel to the church ad a host home. vagelist Vadever lives from sales of teachig ad books. All moies givig i offerig go to coduct crusades i Africa ad Asia.

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