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Trust foundation is a Christian organization organized to finance gospalising, running destitute homes, orphanages, and other spiritual and social activities in India. Financing these ministries is very difficult now days. For financing these missions some sources should be found out .In this venture this new idea is launched. If one support some amount, that will be consumed at that time itself. But if it is invested in some everlasting source, it will be continuous benefit in financing.


The small or big funds are collected and invested in the following ventures: 1. Establish and run schools and colleges. 2. Establish clinics. 3. Establish hospitals. 4. Establish holiday homes etc. 5. University coaching centres. 6. Printing press. We are inviting persons who are interested in the same mision to invest fund in this initial requirement. Persons can finance for: The construction of building, The purchase of land, The purchase of equipment and tools etc. The cost of each project varies from place to place and project to project. The cost of construction US$100 to 125 per sq.feet. The land price US$ 1000 to 3000 per 435 sq. feet in medium town. Individual support for pastors, orphans is also accepted. Contact person: Mr. Rajan C. C. Mr. Samu C. C. Email: Mobile: 91-484-3256399

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