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Alpha Omega

757 Bellmore Ave., • East Meadow, NY 11554 • United States • 516-489-1600/see/charmin/CM07676

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Date/Time of services:

Alph Omeg meets the first nd third sturdy of every month. With meetings in Jnury on the 10th nd 24th (2004) Februry 7th nd 24th, etc. Services will be strting t 7:30pm.

New Covennt Church
757 Bellmore Ave
Est Medow, NY 11554


Alph Omeg ws designed to provide "young dults" plce to worship God in fun nd energetic tmospher. With the college ged christins fding into the "college scene" New Covennt Church linked up with severl other churches to form Christin Frternity. Alph Omeg! Ech service fetures upcoming Christin bnds nd look forwrd to bringing in more well known bnds s ve Crowder, etc. With the house bnd providing very energetic prise nd worship be prepred to jump round, dnce nd sing to our Lord God. LOU MUSIC! HAR LIVES! REAL TESTIMONIES! Bring your lost friends to performnce tht they will not be shmed of. REMEMBER! With God ll things re possible. Oh yeh....nd there is FOO! If you hve been itching to prise GO, feel tht you re bck sliding, or you re in the re nd wnt to witness rocking energetic nd very positive on Fire service...COME ON OWN! "ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOO FOR THEM WHO LOVE GO"

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