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CityGate Dance

1617 Valdora Street #40, • Davis, CA 95616 • United States • 530 753 8337/see/charmin/CM07673

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What Is CityGate Dance?

CityGate dance is a 2 year old ministry on the campus of University of California, Davis. Located near Sacramento, it was founded by Rose Koch who has her MA in dance/drama.
Students express interest in being included in the productions put on during the course of the schoolyear. Christian students with a huge heart for the Lord and for the performing arts then work hard to put on a full length show which always involves a Christian tone to it. These performances are showcased on campus as an outreach ministry to secular students, faculty, and neighboring communities.
After each show is a discussion panel in which the audience members can ask questions about the Christian faith and have an opportunity to accept Christ and have someone to pray with right then and there.

Why CityGate Needs YOU:

We are still a very young ministry that is required to pay the same fees for facilities, costumes, advertising, materials as everyone else. Each show costs around $4000 to put on.
The previous performances have been wildly successful and we are confident that God will provide. However, since Davis is a classic college town, tithes at churches there are very low and we depend heavily on non-locals for help financially.
If you can donate anything, even a dollar, please see our link below. Everything counts and we will be happy to send you a newsletter with pictures and updates on what your donation was used toward.
This is a great way to impact both the ministry of performing arts and the young people currently enrolled in the university as they grow in the Lord and discover where God is calling them. Please click here to make a donation:

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