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LOVE KIDS INDIA - Orphan Childrens home

Post Box 25 W.G.Dt, 15/20/16 Mission Street, 13 th Ward • TANUKU W.G.Dt, Andhra Pradesh 534211 • India • 0091 8819 228363/see/charmin/CM07650

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LOVE KIDS INDIA - Oprhan Children's Home -India

To rescue nd to restore the chldren

Derly Respected n Chrst,

Greetngs to you n the mghty nd mtchless nme of our Lord nd Svor Jesus Chrst!We re very thnkful to God for gvng us your contct.It s gret Prvlege for us to ntroduce ourselves to you tht we re group of Vsonres commtted to rech the unreched prts of Ind n unque wy.We re pryng for you nd for the mnstry tht you re dong. We re very gld to let you know bout our mnstry nd vson to rech the nton of Ind. As I m wrtng ths letter n pryer the Lord remnded me some words from s hert...Pslm 133:1-3 "ow good nd plesnt t s when brothers lve together n Unty!It s lke precous ol poured on the hed, runnng down on the berd, runnng down Aron�s berd, down upon the collr of hs robes.It s s f the dew of ermon were fllng on Mount Zon. For there the Lord bestows hs blessng, even lfe forevermore."

Der brother, the Lord s well plesed wth you s you do s work "The Lord your God s wth you, e s mghty to sve.e wll tke gret delght n you, e wll quet you wth s love, e wll rejoce over you sngng."�Zephnh 3:17. Plese do Pry for us nd for the Love kds Ind. We need your cooperton to rech my nton for the Lord together wth m.All the chldren jon me to greet you nd the church.Plese receve us wth s love.

VISION: REIGN (Rech Entre Nton of Ind through Globl Network) INDIA through dfferent mnstres nd n unque wy. We re lookng forwrd to her from you.Plese sk us f you need more detls. Thnkng you! Untl All Men Know--Rj Kumr Undurth.

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