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Lite On The Mountain Ministries

102 Riverview Drive, • Troy, MT 59935 • United States • (406)295-8730/see/charmin/CM07634

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About us.......

Lite On The Mountain Ministries is non-denominational Spirit filled Ministry. After traveling and serving for 6 1/2 years under Apostles Darrell and Marci Todd of Word and Sound Ministries, Kevin and Shirin Lamp formed Lite on the Mountain Ministries. Lite on the Mountain Ministries has hosted Tent Revival Meetings, Unity of the Spirit Meetings and done a variety of Youth Ministries. Kevin and Shirin Lamp are Preachers and Teachers of the Word and walk in an Apostolic and Prophetic anointing. Besides doing ministry work in the United States, one of our main priorities is doing Missionary Work in Southern India.

Ministry to Southern India

Kevin nd Shirin Lamp and their 4 children were in various parts of Southern India doing missionary work during the months of January and February of 2003. Kevin spoke at 2 pastors conferences and in 2 academic schools. Kevin and Shirin spoke in special church meetings and both taught for YWAMs Discipleship Training Center in Chennai. They also traveled into Andhre Prdesh to an Orphnge and Widows home and minstered the Gospel of Hope to them. They have plans of many return trips to India with vision of bringing groups with them to preach and teach the Gospel and encourage Believers. Also they have vision of starting and maintaining an orphange and minstry center there.

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