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rupas Heart of Mercy

P.O. Box 2245, • Kitale, Kenya 30200 • Kenya • 011-254-734732340/see/charmin/CM07620

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Hope to the AIDS victims and Orphans

Rups Hert of mercy is n non profit mking christin Ministry founded by ruth pscline to rech out to the ids orphns nd victims here in Keny fric. This is ministry tht incorportes music in showing the Love of God to the hurting. There re hundreds of people tht re hurting nd re hopeless, no one hs sid word to them, no one hs even given them hug or told them tht Jesus wnts to relte with them no mtter wht stte they re in. It hs been my hert to rech out to serch. As song writter, I sing songs of hope for these people nd shre the love of God with them through distributing of food nd clothes to them. Not only this but we re trusting God for funds to be ble to build n orphnge for these kids nd lso provide some helth services to the victims.

Why are we doing all these

I believe tht if Jesus ws here tody, he would give hug to the Aids Victims, I come from coomunity where these victims re not needed, ll they see is tht life hs come to the end, They think there is nothing they could do but to die, some hve been bndoned by their own fmilies, seperted from the community nd left there to die, My hert cries out when I see someone who God loves being denied fellowship. I hve burden to tke the Love of christ to such people, where we mke them feel prt of us by showing them the love of God. Every month we tke tems out to our communities identifying where there is need tht we cn meet. We need your pryers for we need funds to tke cre of this. Also pry with me, we re plnning to mke CD which we will distribute for free here to the orphns nd victims. We need your support to be ble to do ll these work nd remember to pry for Keny. It is the hert of God tht none should perish. Love these people with me. Lets Give life to them. They will never know or see God nywhere else but through you nd me. Tht is the only wy they cn see God.

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