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final hours ministries

PO BOX 43, SORGIN, MALAWI, • BLANTYRE, MALAWI NIL • Malawi • (265)01459502/see/charmin/CM07556

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Finl Hours ministries is n interdenomintion ministry devouted to help communities discovery they pontentils in they ministries, We trin leders in discipleship courses, We offer Diplom in theology for churcch minsters. We offer smll revolving funds to poor fmilies to estblish smll businesses, we believe hungry person is ngry person. CURRENT PROGRAM: () WOMEN KILL PROJECT- Pstors 's wives re trined for three weeks in diffeerent skills. (b)ORPHAGE: Feeding progrms for street children,dy cre progrms for poor childrens (c)HELPING HAND PROJECT: Ministers progrm for income generting ctivies to help pstors rise they support. (d) FHM ILE COLLEGE - Offers short -term s well s lond -term iblee trining to leders from different churches sofr we 250 leders. TATEMENT FAITH: We re evngelicls nd lso believe in APOTOLIC CREED. We believe in the sving blood of Jsus christ by fith, in The ible s word of God, we lso believe in Trinity, we believe in in the second coming of Jesus christ,.


Preching the Old Gospel which Peter, Pul nd postles preched without compromising, clling sin sin nd the Devil devil even when most christin re sleepnig.

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