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Pan African Missionary Association is a ministry born out of great burden to take the gospel of salvation to the people and nations of Africa. It is intended to reach men and women even in the remotest part of the continent. Whereas many ministries in their visions and activities have concentrated on the cities and fairly developed areas, Pan African Missionary Association believes that the great command of our Lord Jesus Christ is to all and sundry, whether in the rural or urban areas. The association began in the year 2000 when the Lord gave Rev John Johnson the vision of Networking Ministers and Churches in Nigeria and Africa at large together for a concerted ministry work to affect men in Africa. In 2001 its first international conference was organized in Lagos Nigeria, with about one thousand pastors and church workers in attendance from six countries of Africa

Goal Of The Ministry

1. Planting of more churches in many areas of Africa. 2. Organizing yearly missions conferences to empower pastors, evangelists and church workers for effective missionary work in Africa. 3. To prepare, equip and send out more missionaries into the field. 4. To organize crusades, seminars, workshops and church revival meetings for greater harvest. (region by region). 5. To encourage and challenge churches and individuals in adopting the remaining unreached peoples of West, East, North, South and Central Africa. 6. To challenge and halt the advancement of Islam in most African Countries with the gospel of God's Kingdom. 7. Encouraging youths into missionary fellowships in churches, schools and campuses. 8. Building a Network of programmes among ministers for church growth and uplifting one another through prayers, encouragement and support. 9. Providing financial and material assistance to churches and parachurch groups. 10. Building Missionary Centers, setting up Hospitals and Schools where the needs are. YOU CAN JOIN US TODAY SO THAT THIS WORK WILL BE DONE, BE A PART.

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