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Calvary Grace Ministries. India.

Rameshwar, Plot:338,Sector-27, Janpath, Pradhikaran. • PUNE, Maharashtra 411044 • INDIA • 91-9850145506/ 9890365009/see/charmin/CM07506

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Gospel,Teaching and Compassion Ministry

Reaching the unreached,unevngelised parts of India with the Good news of Jesus Christ and demonstrate the Love of God In all possible and practical ways. Gospel work and Teaching ministry to reach out the Nation of India, planting churches to make Disciples of Christ expand the Kingdom of God! Vision to start Short Term Bible College and Ledership school to Train and equip Youths for the next generation to Invade the Nations! Starting ORPHANAGE to Help poor,unpreviliged children, orphans and old people. Womens ministry, where thier gifting and Anointing will be used for the Body of Christ!Every month 100's of women from different churches come to Intercide and worship God! We need partners and prayer supporters to accomplish this Mission and looking for Sending Missionaries to neighbouring Nations! INDIA NEEDS YOU, YOUR PRAYERS AND YOUR SUPPORT: Some Facts about INDIA: One of every six people on earth lives in India. India will soon be the world's most populous nation. Of the world's 6 billion people: 2 billion call themselves Christians, 2.4 billion have heard and rejected Christ, and 1.6 billion have never heard the Gospel. For every dollar Christians give, worldwide, 96.8 are spent among the 2 billion who call themselves Christians. About 2.9 are spent among the 2.4 billion who have heard the Gospel and rejected it. Less than a penny is spent to bring the Gospel to the 1.6 billion around the world who have never heard the Gospel. India contains one fourth (412 million) of the 1.6 billion who never heard the Gospel. Yet, worldwide, Christians give less than 1/10 of a penny to reach the people of India. Christianity in India is exploding in spite of persecution. As the fires of persecution grow hotter, the passion of Christians to bring others to Christ grows stronger. This is God's hour for India! He is transforming India to become a crown jewel in His Kingdom! " HARVEST IS READY BUT LABOURERS ARE FEW" God is asking ' who will go'' Are you ready? Think! And do what you can, you'r reward will be great and eternity will show your love for the Lost!!!

Meet the President

Prof. James Patole, is a Chemical Engineer with Master of Divinity.Presently, he is Academic Dean and Professor of New Testament, Missions and Pauline Thought at Calvary Chapel's Koinonia School of Ministry (Proposed Calvary University of Theology) Pune. Maharashtra. India.CHURCH AFFILIATION: Christian and Missionary Alliance. India. (C& MA) Rebekah,his Wife is B.A.with M.Div.and she is a Lecturer & Registrar at KSM. Pune.Theyare blessed with one son named Josiah.who is 4 Years old. MINISTRIAL EXPERIENCE: Ministered: in Alliance Churches in Maharashtra. Also in some other main line churches such as Methodist, Nazarene, Churches of North India-CNI, Apostolic Church, Assemblies of God. and few Independent Churches in India. Preached: In seminars, Missionary and Pastors conferences and family camps in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Kerala State of India. Resource person: 1. Open Doors International. {Evangelical Fellowship of India} New Delhi. 2. MUST. (Mukti Udharan Seva Trust). Kerala, Pune; 3. Naya Savera. (A project to bring AIDS Awareness). Maharashtra. 4. Koinonia Fellowship. India. 5. Alliance Churches in Maharashtra. 6. International Leadership Institute. Hyderabad. Co-ordinated: some National level Youth, Women and Pastor's and leaders Seminars and conferences. Previously Served God with: 1. Interdenominational Int.Missionary Organization in Bangalore as a Crusade Director. 2. Urban India Ministries. Bangalore as Maharashtra Co-ordinator. 3. Honorary Maharashtra Co-ordinator for International Leadership Institute, Hyderabad. Published work: Authored book, "The Principles of Biblical Economics" Published by O.M. (Operation Mobilization.) Hyderabad. India. Articles appeared in magazines: AIM (Evangelical Fellowship of India). New Delhi. `Light of Life' Bombay. `Harvest Times for your Family' GLS. India. International Visits: 1. Represented in "5th Prayer Convocation" Bethany Church. Singapore. Feb 17-25, 2007 2. Allumni of`Leadership Seminar' of Haggai advanced Leadership Institute at Maui. Hawaii. USA (May, 2007)

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