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New Heart Ministries

Evangelist Quentin Barnes, 800 Sonnie Clay Lane • Zebulon, NC 27597 • United States • (919)414-0767 (919)269-4686/see/charmin/CM07449

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The Mission of New Heart Ministries

Thank you for visiting the New Heart Ministries Web Site. New Heart Ministries was created for the main purpose of Glorifing Our Heavenly Father. It is He that has made us and not we ouselves. Everything we do as Individuals, and as Congregations, is to bring Glory and Honor to the Father, through Jesus Christ the Son, who is our Lord and our Savior. That is the primary purpose of this Ministry. I will list some areas in which this Ministry will begin to operate in, as God inspires people to donate money to this Work. Every penny that comes into this Ministry, will be used to carry out the calling and Vision that God has Given us.

1. Children are the most precious resource God has given us all. Far too many children are living in abusive situations. Being abused in many ways, all of which can scar that precious Child for life. As People are inspired by God to provide funding, New Heart Ministries will seek out these children, and will also seek out the aid of Christian Counselors, who will work closely with these children and their parents, that, through Christ centered courses to restore the Love and unity to the family, these children will begin to recieve the Love that God intended them to have. Children that are abused by whatever form of abuse, often grow up to abusers themselves. We must put a stop to all forms of Child abuse.

2. We believe the Holy Bible to be the Divine Word of God Almighty, written by the Prophets, under the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit of God, and, as God never changes, neither does His Word. We believe that every home should have a Bible. We will work closely with the American Bible Society, The Bible League, and others to have a Bible placed in every home, not only in America, but around this world that wants one. The Bibles will not just be handed to them and stop there, but the people that recieve these Bibles, will be trained in the Life Changing Truths of God's Holy Word.

3. New Heart Ministries will be accepting individual members and member Congregation who wish to work with us in this Ministry. As God Leads, we will be planting Churches in as many Cities, Counties, States, and Nations around the world as God inspires man to provide funding for. This Ministry does not belong to any man, but belongs Totally to God Almighty, and we will always be led by the Holy Spirit of God, in Conducting the Business of New Heart Ministries. New Heart Ministries is registered as a NonProfit Christian Ministry, and is Non-Denominational in it's organization. The Purpose of the Non-Denominational organization is to not leave out any Individual Christian, or any Christian Congregation, that wishes to join with us in this Ministry of reacing the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

4. New Heart Ministries will always make ourselves accountable to those who help support this Ministry, both with your Prayers, and financial support. We will send out quarterly financial statements to our Partners, whether Individuals, or Congregations, or Corporations, by doing this you will be able to see what money is coming into the Ministry, and How the Ministry is using the money you have given. Ministry cost money! Your giving money to, prayers for, and time to this Ministry will help us to continue the cause of Jesus Christ around the world. God Bless you all.

New Heart Ministries                        Home (919)269-4686
Evangelist Quentin Barnes                   Cell (919)414-0767
800 Sonnie Clay Lane                        Fax  (919)404-1754 
Zebulon, NC. 27597                          Email

Evangelist Quentin Barnes, is also availble to come to your Church, to give more information on New Heart Ministries, for Revivals, or Seminars. Please write, call, or email today, to scheduale an informational meeting, a Revival, or Seminar for your Church. If you would like to make a donation to help support New Heart Ministries, please click on the make a donation button on this page. Thank You, and God Bless you.

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