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Our Mission Statement

To provide variety of Christian Education Programs to meet the need of all church workers; maintaining high spiritual and educational standrds; and to promote and foster Evangelism and Missions.


GENERAL BIBLE STUDIES Program (1st Year) Old Testament Survey: Law, History, Poets & Prophets New Testament: Gospels, Acts, the Epistles Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity Deeper Life Studies(Faith Course) PERSONAL EVANGELISM (1 Year) CHRISTIAN EDUCATION PROGRAM (2nd Year) Cosmology Triune God (Bible Doctrine 1) Teaching Techniques Dispensations Biblical Beliefs (Bible Doctrine 2) Educational Ministries of the Local Church Christian Education Seminars THEOLOGICAL STUDIES PROGRAM (3rd Year) YEAR A The Book of Revelaton Soteriology Bible Introduction Missions Science & the Bible Homiletics Systematic Theology I Comparative Religions YEAR B Systematic Theology III Christian Counseling Biblical Psychology Hermenutics Effective Leadership The Book of John The Prophets Commentary Writing Introduction to N. T. Greek Eschatology

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