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The Society of Saint Jude (Celtic Rite)

c/o 845 North Township Road 181, • Republic (Scipio Twp.), OH 44867-9531 • United States • 419-585-6865/see/charmin/CM07420

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We re n independent eltic Orthodox order, whose mission is to rech out to those in prison nd lso to their fmilies. We lso ssist the offenders fter their relese, in continuing ministry of God's love nd grce. We provide not only spiritul nd personl counselling, but lso help put these persons in contct with the resources they my need to help re-enter society nd gin become productive members of society. We lso minister to lrge number of HIV/AIDS ptients, who hve been shunned by society nd minstrem religion, due to the ever present stigm of their illness. NO ONE is beyond or unworthy of re- demption, regrdless of wht they hve done in their lives. EVERYONE is eligible to prtke of this free gift of God's love nd grce - ll they hve to do is sk.


We believe in the Holy Trinity, the Virgin Birth, nd the promise of redemption nd eternl life tht ws seled through the blood of Our Svior Jesus hrist. We dhere to the Apostles' reed, Nicene reed, nd the reed of St. Ptrick, nd subscribe to the first five councils of the Holy tholic hurch. Our beliefs re those tht were extnt in the eltic Lnds (Irelnd, Wles, Scotlnd, Western Englnd nd ornwll, Western Frnce nd Southern Frnce, Switzerlnd) prior to 66, s prescribed by the tholic See of Armgh. We re not in ny form of postolic communion with either the See of Rome or the Ptri- rchte of onstntnople, but we re in communion with other eltic rite churches round the world. Our commission to prech nd ordin lies within the word of God, s outlined by the Holy Scriptures, nd not by the hnd of mn. We use the Doui-Rheims trnsltion of the Holy Scriptures, s well s mny of the Apochryphl nd Pseudepigrph- icl cnons tht re relevnt to our fith. Our clergy re permitted to mrry, nd women re permitted ordintion s deconesses nd s besses of monstries.

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