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INTRODUCTION:During the time of prophet Ezekiel the spirit of God revealed through prophet Ezekiel that our God was looking for only one person who will stand in the gap on behalf of people and nation of Israel but He didn't see,in verses 31 of Ezekiel 22.God said since he didn't see any one standing in the gap He decided to destroy that generation.In our own generation it will not be so,this is why we minsters of God have decided to be standing in the gap through prayers for this nation Nigeria.Nigeria need prayers for things to change and the whole world for peace to reign in the whole world and Nigeria.We have found out that people only pray to God to give me this and that without praying for others.The most important poeple in the world who risk their lives on daily basis are drivers,pilot,sailors and their conductors.These people as we have researched have no time to pray because of the nature of their business and calling, so we Ministers of Gospel have decided to reach them through prayers by standing on their behalf.Other people we want to reach through prayers are politicials who have no time to pray because of their busy schedules on daily basis. This is one of the reasons INGAP MINISTERS PRAYER INTERNATIONAL was born. AIMS AND OBJECTIVE:To stand in the gap for nations and people,for example the needy, widows,the sick,politicians,the barren women and war affected people,business men and women ,orphans,students, children,professionals,etc.We believe in corporate anointing that when we ministers of God jion hands and pray that God will answer us. Vision:To pray for peace in every nation and decode the handwriting of satan in the life of people and to make Christ known where has not been known much and salvation of people ,land liberation,family deliverance,nation deliverance and personal deliverance. MISSION:To see that ingap ministers pray international is extended to every part of the world that in every nation ministers of God will be stand in the gap on behalf of that nation mostly in Nigeria that in short time ( IMPI )will be commissioned in each local government to be standing in the gap on behalf of local governments and soonest to be extended to every town so that every town will have ministers of God standing on behalf of the town and her people. REQUEST: We are seeking for missionaries whose vision are the same with ours so that we can work together to fulfil the vision of God,Matt.28:18-20.


We need bibles for our outreach programmes,prayer books that teach about prayer and fasting.Books on demonology.We need sponsors to sponsor our programmes to villages and other nations

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