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Circle of Faith

P.O. Box 42, • Savannah, GA 31415 • United States • (912) 231-8796/see/charmin/CM07301

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Stupid People Do Stupid Things

" IF YOU USE DRUGS YOU ARE STUPID!" I AM TO GOOD ToO USE DRUGS. (MEDITATATE ON THESE WORDS IN YOUR HEART EVERY DAY) The Circle Of Faith Ministry deals with the uplifting of young people with low self-esteem and drug problems as well as young people in general. The ministry's goal is to reach the entire nation with the message " I AM TOO GOOD TO USE DRUGS". Prophetess Satney is being used of GOD to bring this message to all young people, that if they believe in GOD and repeat these words "I AM TOO GOOD TO USE DRUGS"; GOD will show his power of deliverance to all of his children. This Ministry was born at Miller's Temple Church. Prophetess Satney is exalting GOD and lifting young people and old alike in prayer. Thanking and praising GOD in advance for his healing power and what he is going through her. All of this is happening by the Holy Spirit Leading Prophetess Satney and guiding her foot steps in order of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You also can rquest a Circle Of Faith healing cloth and bumper sticker at the address above. If this ministry has been a blessing to you please let me hear from you. Prayer change things you can call for prayer at this address above.

Dear All women and men of GOD

My name is Prophetess Roberta Satney. I have a small church in Ardmore, GA. My ministry is to pick up children, whose parents don't take them to Sunday School. I have been doing that for over 55 years. My pastorship has been for three years. I drive to Springfield every Saturday afternoon and pick up three children and bring them to Savannah where I live . I dress them on Sunday morning and take them to Sunday School. Its very important that I have a bus to transport children so I can make this an on going success. Thanking you in advance for your kindness. I would appreciate any contribution you can make to help me in this ministry. Send any Contribution to: Cricle of Faith P.O. Box 42 Savannah, Georgia 31415

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