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Global Mission Church

70 Ijesha rd,surulere,lagos Nigeria., 70 Ijesha rd, surulere,lagos Nigeria. • surulere, lagos 234 • Nigeria • 80-27480134/see/charmin/CM07285

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Dear Friend, At Global Mission Church & Seminary, every student is a vital part of world evangelism. They are making an impact for Jesus--around the world--as missionaries, evangelists, and pastorsreaching every corner of the earth--and YOU can too! In whatever way God is calling you, GMC is an exciting place to prepare for ministry. God is raising up leaders for such a time as this--are you one? I look forward to seeing you in class. Until He Comes Again, Global Mission Church is a Pentecostal educational center for equipping Spirit-anointed students to fulfill their God-ordained roles in Pastoral ship, Evangelism, and World Missions. Founded as Global Mission Church & Training Center in 1999 by pastor Martins Madu. The original purpose was to provide both general and biblical training for those persons entering the Christian ministry, and through the years Hinterland Caring Missions has continued this purpose of "ministry," ever more broadly defined to include both missions and evangelism. We believe that as believers in Christ Jesus, we must be properly trained and prepared for the work of the Lord. Along with zeal must come knowledge. Zeal without knowledge will lead one to fanatacism, however zeal with knowledge always leads one to successful ministry. Jesus Christ is coming soon for His Church and as His Church, we must insure that all people deserve to have at least the wonderful opportunity of knowing Jesus Christ as their personal Lord & Savior. This is the sole purpose of Global Mission Church,"the training of Christian workers to successfully do the work of God." Until Christ comes again, or until the Lord calls us home after we have done all that He has commanded us to do, let us continue to be faithful in doing that which we have been called by God Almighty to do in this life. May God bless you. Pastor Martins Madu. ,

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