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casor unizik alumni

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It was not an accident that we all found ourselves in casor unizik.i believe it was divinely planned by God. This is true whether you believe it or not. While some just passed out without understanding this fact, most of us had our eyes opened to this insight, that God has brought us together for a particular purpose, to change our lives and the environment we found ourselves in. God having done so much for us in school and having used us to affect many lives is not yet through with us.

Another convention is at the corner and it's time to zoom down again to address issues that will benefit us and the family we left behind greatly.

So prepare yourself and zoom out from wherever you are, north, south east or west to Awka city because something is about to happen.


Casor has come a long way. Known widely in the great institution Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK) as the most dynamic fellowsihp on campus,casor has really affected most of the students of the school positively. Many souls has been saved under this ministry and lives has been transformed.Even the school authorities has felt the impact of casor in the school enviroment. Due to this fact,it was deemed necessary to form an alumni body that will co- ordinate graduates that were once members of this great family of God.

due to the oneness and closeness of the fellowship members in the love of christ, casor was generally known as a family. To ensure that that closeness continues, the alumni body was formed. The purpose,maintaining the link between casor graduates to ensure continuity in dynamism, execellence and fulfillment in their lives, to render help in whatsoever manner to the casor undergraduates who are still in school in the area of ministry especially in outreaches.


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