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To the Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Re: Appeal for Support of the Dorcas Children's Orphanage Day Centre: Reference is made to the above subject in respect of the Orphaned Children Project currently initiated in Lusaka, Zambia. On 10th August 1994, Zambia was declared a Christian Nation and was dedicated to God. This important Declaration has articulated the interests of Gospel Artists such as Solomon Jere in Zambia, to come out in full obedience of Jesus Christ's call expounded in Mark 16:15, which commands all to go out and spread the Gospel. Brother Solomon Jere is a senior Police Officer in Zambia, where he has gone flat out helping the under privileged orphaned children particularly so the poor, sick and disabled kids to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. This has led to the establishment of the Dorcas Children's Orphanage Day Centre where the children are taught self-reliant skills and the Word of God. Children are taught how to grow their own food and for sale, sew new clothes and mend their old clothes, hygiene and above all how to be responsible Christians. This Appeal is genuinely intended to raise funds that will go towards the purchase of implements such as hoes, axes, clothing materials, Holy Bibles to mention but a few, all intended to help the process of teaching the orphans to be self-reliant, but all God fearing. In order to be supported we have placed on sale one of the fully interpreted Zambian Gospel CD by Brother Solomon Jere and the Police Service Band (Poseba) entitled "Musanditaye- (Do not Abandon me)". Brother Solomon Jere is currently in Australia for a short while. We therefore appeal for your support as God speaks to your heart to support this noble cause. Be blessed in Jesus name, Brother Frank Ngoyi Mbayo cc. Bro. Solomon Samuel Jere, E-mail:

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