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Endowed With The Seed Of Greatness

An International Evangelistic Organisation with Head Office in Sweden, the ministry plans outreaches in conjunction with churches, gives free medical services and trains Pastors in such locality. Eagles evangelistic ministry has successfully host programs and outreaches in Sweden, Ogwashi-uku Nigeria, Finland and Ghana. Currently, the ministry is staffed by Graduates from different part of the world who are Engineers, Medical Doctors, accountants and other Professionals. A bigger outreach with young talented Christian musicians is the works, involving great preachers in Europe and Asia. WATCH OUT!!! "Great men are ordinary people but with extra amount of determination".We believe that you can serve God with your Profession. The ministry has a touch for Sweden hence the establishment of House of Wisdom were seminars and heart warming revival programs are held, a place where hope is generated as catalyst in the midst of failing economy and disillusioned world. For it is in the quiet crucible of your personal private sufferings that your noblest dreams are born and God's greatest gifts are given in compensation of what you've been through. "IT IS BETTER NOT TO HAVE EXISTED THAN TO LIVE AND DIE UNRESTORED AND NOT BEEN A PART OF OTHERS RESTORATION TO THE IMAGE OF GOD". Evangelist Engr. Celestine Iwendi - Coordinator


Hello, Permit me to share with you what I called a "stimulant to greater achievement in Life". Every spoken word frames our future and gives beauty to our feets. DARE TO DREAM Dreams carry some ingredients of destiny. A man/woman without a dream is a man/woman without a future. Dreams gives divine speed to success and breakthroughs in Life. The bible says *and Joseph dreamt again* We often believe that our first dream carry no substance, sees no result, reaches no goal, achieves nothing. Situationally we remain on the mount and become satisfied in the valley of indecision and confusion. We thereby put no effort to dream again. Listen to this ' Then he (Joseph) dreamed still another dream' Genesis 37: 9. When it seems your dream is no longer valid, does not carry divine weight any more. I challenged you to dream again. The world is rule by men of divine Ideas, men who changed destiny, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, became valiant in battle, all by dreams. Hear me, the only man who is a great man is the man who has fulfilled the purpose of his creation which has roots from dreams. Oh yes! your dreams will be challenged, mocked, rejected, laughed at, crucified, Genesis 37:5, but stay in your dream. You need a belief system that refuses to give up irrespective of the governrning situation around you. For every event is invented. Things don't just happen, no, dreamers make them happen. No man can rise above the level of his revelation. And revelation is information that comes from heaven, most of the times through dreams. Every dream is tested, prune, passed through fire and waters,and criticize. If you are afraid of criticism, then I have a prescription for you, say nothing, do nothing and become nothing. Even when you are a fool and a failure, then you stand a greater chance of been criticized. So dare to dream. Dreams gives superior sense which gives you superior results. Opportunities are well situated in dreams, because dreams can be created. What is in your belief system? For what you are today is a conclusive decision of what you thought about yourself yesterday, and what you will become tommorow begins from your state of dreams today. You can not afford to fail your generation. Difficulties gives way to determine men. The greatest discovery is knowing your assignment because it determines your attainment in life. You may be cast into the pit, many times into physical and spiritual prison, because you believe in dreams. God said ' When you passed through fire I will be with thee. Isaiah 43:1-2. You are redeemed. You have become a royal diadem in His kingdom. No weapon formed against his children prospers. Thank God for the english word 'backbiters' they bite from the back, an indication that you are leading and your enemies are followers. You have been designed for achievement, engineered for success and endowed with the seed of greatness. You will swing in the pendulum of champions when the time of your manifestations comes. Only if you dare to dream and be focus.. Never weary, even when you fall, rise up, clean up and keep going. Those who fear change never take charge. You have entered into the positive side of destiny, the realm of creativity and in the world of dignity. According to my mentor in ministry, Rev. Dr Uma Ukpai he said and I quote, "Power is you knowing what ought to be in your life and comparing it with what is happening in your life, and demanding that what ought to be must be" You will surely get to your palace. Joseph did. Jesus did. You can!! --------------------------------------------------------------------- WIDE MOUTH Looking at this beautiful day that is gradually graduating into a weekend of purpose, a weekend with a difference. I feel moved to drop this admonition to you. The word of God says in Prov. 13:2. A man shall eat good by the fruits of his mouth. That means, what you say is what you see. Open mouth opens heaven. Unless your mouth is open, your future will not be open. Your wide mouth position will determine your life position. Our problem is that we attempt only what we can do and not what God can do. Thereby limiting the unlimited. I have defined power in a program just concluded in Sweden thus: That power is you graduating from the school of frustration into the abundance of God. What is power? It is the ability to be successful in the kingdom of failures. What is power? Borrowing words from Rev Dr Uma Ukpai again "It is you knowing what to be in your life and comparing it with what is happening in your life and demanding that, that which ought to be must be". His word says, thou shall decree a thing and it shall be established. Unless we learn to decree, we shall not be established neither shall we see manifestations. It is interesting to note that the provoker of the anointing is faith and the provoker of faith is the word. The word of God released from your mouth can conquer every Goliath on your way. David conquered by the released from his wide mouth. We are in the generation of the apostolic habitation, and the ministry of wide mouth knows them. Which brings wide miracles. Your mouth is the catalyst of Faith. Your mouth brings wisdom. Prov. 10:31. Jesus overcame the devil by speaking out God's promises. Matt. 4:4-10. Dear, you will only live by the word that comes out of the mouth of God and the mouth of god(you) prov. 81:1,6. What are the promises of God for you? This year two thousand and nice is the year you must take time to tell yourself, tell God and tell others that a change has come. Where you are now is not the final full stop of dreams and aspirations. If Jesus could obtain His great name by birth, inheritance and achievements as told us from the scriptures, we too could become candidates of greatness. You can speak out light from darkness, prosperity from poverty, pleasure from pains, good health from sickness, benefit from blunders, message from mess, and righteousness from sin. Gen. 1:1-3. We are in a kingdom of choices and not chances. You can make your mouth wider. This is an opportunity. Remain blessed. Please feel free to share with me when you can. Love Celestine

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