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India Harvest Ministries

Bethany Pet, Bible Place • BHIMAVARAM, Andhra Pradesh 534 201 • I N D I A • 0091 8816 232563/see/charmin/CM07070

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Jesus for INDIA

Dearly Beloved and Respected Brother, Loving greetings to you all in Jesus Name,

May be this is a strange letter to you comes from a faraway country on earth-INDIA a sub continent containing the 1/6 of the world's population. In India 1,029,991,145 Souls of which are 81% Hindu, 12% Muslim, 4.4% other, and only 2.3% Christian. Over 999,000, 000 people do not know or have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We love you and we pray for you all. We are constantly and unitedly praying for you, your family and the ministry over there. Please pray for the work of God in India. We are praying for you all in our daily prayers. I am prayerfully submitting this prayerful letter to you seeking your earnest and deepest prayers and your co-operation to spread the living word of God and to each and everyone throughout wide India. Kindly accept this humble letter as an expression of our love and hope for the establishment of heartfelt and fraternal relations among us for the extension of His holy kingdom on the earth. We are serving our holy Lord Jesus in south India from last 25 years, still there is a lot of gospel work yet to be done and multitudes of precious dying souls are yet to be win for the holy and mighty Lord Jesus Christ. We are reaching the unreached places into the highways and byways spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are proclaiming Gospel of our Lord via outreach. And also we are providing food, shelter for the poorest of the poor children and helping the poor lepers. Please help us with your wonderful helping hands to do more activate among the poorest of the poor people. Brother and Sister, please be kind and generously give us your affectionate and loving answer as forth with as you can after receiving this humble and Prayerful letter. Your brothers and sisters in India salute you and sending you our profound regards and supplications for your long prosperity and strong health. I humbly beseech you my dear generous brother and sister have a heart for this letter of mine and please drop a line of communication by email. Thank you so much. United we are sending you of our much warm Christian love to you and wishing you both the SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS from above. Your brother faithfully in His Ministry, For India Harvest

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G. Raj Kumar, Pastor and Evangelist I N D I A H A R V E S T Bethany Pet Bhimavaram, AP 534 201 I N D I A e-mails:

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