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L.O.V.E. Ministries Intl. Inc.

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Our History

MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of Lily Of the Valley Evangelistic Ministries International, Inc. is to care for the whole man both spiritually and naturally. The Holy Bible admonishes us to "love our neighbors as ourselves and to love one another even as Christ has love us and gave His life for us." This is the goal of Lily Of the Valley Evangelistic Ministries International, Inc., to love and to spread love through action. Theme: Love In Action A. Our History Lily Of the Valley Evangelistic Ministries International, Inc. is a Christ centered ministry, working on behalf of Jesus Christ, to spread His LOVE, as He has directed, throughout the world. Love is action, not just another word. This concept was demonstrated through the Love of God when He gave His Son to die upon the cross as atonement for our sins. Christ also demonstrated His love toward mankind when He came down from glory to earth to sacrifice Himself on the cross for our sins. Lily Of the Valley Evangelistic Ministries International, Inc. is a Christian organization that is Non-Denominational. Lily Of the Valley Evangelistic Ministries International, Inc. was the brainchild of Evangelist Edward W. Price, Sr. in 1994. In 1994, Evangelist Edward Price, in Fresno, California formed Lily Of the Valley. The ministry at that time fed, clothed and provided quilts for the less fortunate. Also, the ministry ministered to the spiritual man. This concept provided for the whole man both spirit and natural. Lily Of the Valley also provided a home for recovering male drug addicts and homeless males. This portion of the ministry was open from 1994-1997 in Fresno, California. The concept of Lily Of the Valley followed Evangelist Edward Price to Portland, Oregon. In 1998, the ministry opened its doors in Portland, Oregon under the name of Lily Of the Valley Evangelistic Ministries. Under this name Evangelists Edward and Buena Price began to minister to the spirit man. Tracts were passed out and the concept of an Internet Ministry was conceived and born. The Internet Ministry consisted of but was not limited to: Prayer requests, pages consisting of the "Word of God" and various pages consisting of "how to be saved". This ministry brought in prayer requests from around the world for people in need of prayer for their situations. They were prayed for upon receipt and the individuals were contacted directly as a follow-up. There were testimonies of victory by those sending the requests after their prayers had been answered. Lily Of the Valley Evangelistic Ministries International sprang from Lily Of the Valley Evangelistic Ministries. It was conceived in the spring of 1999. The founders of Lily Of the Valley Evangelistic Ministries desired for this God sent and blessed ministry not just be a part of the United States of America but to be a part of the worldwide community especially since it was reaching the world through its internet ministry. In October 1999, Lily Of the Valley Evangelistic Ministries International sponsored the Jericho March. The Jericho March was a march carried out in the same fashion as the Jericho March spoken of in the Holy Bible. In the Holy Bible, the Israelites marched around the walls of Jericho one time for six days. Upon the seventh day, the Israelites marched around the walls seven times and the walls fell. Lily Of the Valley Evangelistic Ministries International's march was similar to this. There were core pockets of areas in the city that were high gang and crime areas that involved drugs, shootings and the like. The purpose for our march was for the walls in specifice areas of the city of Portland to fall. The walls of crime, gang activity, drug activity, etc., were the purposes for which Lily Of the Valley Evangelistic Ministries International sponsored the Jericho March. Within the name Lily Of the Valley Evangelistic Ministries International, Inc. the word LOVE can be found. "LOVE in Action" is the theme for this Ministry. Love is what it takes to see a family on the street homeless, destitute and hungry and to reach out to that family and to give them a hand up, or to see anyone on the street and not be judgemental but to show forth the LOVE of Jesus Christ and to take care of their immediate needs first as Jesus did for the thousands who had followed Him and listened to Him preach. Jesus did not send them away hungry and say: "God bless you" but instead, He fed them. This is the love that Lily Of the Valley Evangelistic Ministries International, Inc. is endeavoring to show mankind, not only to the saint but to the sinner alike. The scripture says: "with love and kindness have I drawn thee" and "he that winneth souls must be wise". In November, 2001, Lily Of the Valley Evangelistic Ministries International was able to purchase food for one month for needy families. Some of these families consisted of: a family of three and a family of six. These types of ministry projects are ongoing for Lily Of the Valley Evangelistic Ministries International. Currently, Lily Of the Valley Evangelistic Ministries International, Inc. is in the process of securing grants, contributions, gifts and donations in order to be able to carry out it's goal of being a social supportive ministry as well as a spiritual ministry.

Our Statement of Faith

1. We believe that Elohim (God) is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. We believe that the Word (Jesus Christ) was present at the creation and that the Holy Spirit was likewise on hand in the beginning and that the trinity was instrumental in the creation. (Genesis 1:1-2; John 1:1-3) 2. We believe tht the Holy Bible is the only infallible authoritative Word of God. (2Timothy 3:15-17) 3. We believe that the Bible was written as a guidebook for man to teach him how to live a righteous life before God and before his fellow man. (2Timothy 3:16-17) 4. We believe that God is a 'united one' or 'compound unity' eternally existend in three persons or a 'Trinity' as expressed in Isaiah 48:16-17 and Luke 3:22. 5. We believe in the Deity of Jesus Christ, that He is the seed of the woman, as God promised in Genesis 3:15, and that His virgin birth was to be a sign of His messiahship as stated in Isaiah 7:14. 6. We believe in Jesus' sinless life, His miracles both yesterday and today, His sacrifice on the cross as our atonement, His physical body resurrection, His appearance thereafter in Jerusalem, His ascension to heaven, His future return to earth for the believers both living and dead, and His future kingdom on earth. 7. We believe that the only way in which one can be cleansed from sin is by grace through faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ. 8. We believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as a keeping agent for those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that the Holy Spirit indwelling in the believer allows the believer to live a godly, righteous life. (Ephesians 1:13-14) 9. We believe in Baptism (the immersion in water) of the believer as an outward sign of an inward change. We believe that baptism signifies the death and burial of the old (sin natured) man and the resurrection/renewal of the new man. (Matthew 3:16; 28:18-10) 10. We believe in the partaking of the communal elements of the unleavended bread and the fruit of the vine as instituted by Jesus Christ at His Last Passover (Last Supper). We believe that the unleavened bread is symbolic of Jesus body sacrificed for man and the fruit of the vine is symbolic of Hos blodd that was shed for man. (ICorinthians 11:23-34) 11. We believe in tithing ten percent of ones increase to the Lord. (Malachi 3:7-10) 12. We believe in the marriage of a male to a female as according to the Holy Scriptures. (Genesis 2:21-24) We believe that the oneness obtained through the bonds of Holy Matrimony carries through to a oneness in a ministry. Therefore, we do not only ordain a husban but also we ordain his wife as his help-mete. 13. We believe that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We believe that there is none righteous, no not one. (Romans3:10; 3:23) 14. We believe that the Ten Commandments, given to Moses on the mountain, was a foundation for man to govern his life. 15. We believe that the Sabbath day, as according to the Holy Bible, begins sundown Friday and ends sundown Saturday. We believe that according to the scriptures, Jesus Christ celebrated the Sabbath day in this manner. (Exodus 20:8-11; 31:13-17; Deut. 5:12-14; Luke 13:10) 16. We believe in the resurrection of both the saved and lost, the one to everlasting life and the other to eternal damnation (separation) from God; the latter being consigned to a state of everlasting punishment. (Isaiah 26:19; Matthew 25:46) 17. We believe that Jesus' suffering before his death was for the physical healing of mankind. We believe that by His stripes we are healed. Visit our website at:

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