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The Church of Christ Royalty

c/o 1982 Comstock Avenue, • Charleston, SC 29405 • United States • /see/charmin/CM06960

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Origin and Purpose

The Church of Christ, Royalty is an outreach ministry of the Interdenominational Evangelistic Association, founded in 1985 by Presiding Elder Trenton D. Lambright, B.D. of Charleston, S.C. Presiding Elder Patricia Pinckney, B.Th. serves as co-president of the association. This ministry, known as "Royalty", was established in the year of our Lord, 2002. The Lord spoke to Pastor Lambright and told him to, "Take the church to the people"! This is a full-gospel, interdenominational, interracial, "open-assembly" of believers. We are recapturing the essence of TRUE methodism, in all of its anointed power; continuing the vision of our Christian forefathers. If you are tired of a "form of godliness", without the demonstrated power of the Holy Ghost, then you are WELCOME to come worship and study God's word. Together, we can destroy the works of the enemy! We have special ministries for singles and those struggling with addictions. The term "open assembly" refers to us being a ministry that is NOT confined to four walls. We are based in the Tallahassee, Fl./Thomasville, Ga. area, with outreach ministries in Charleston, S.C. and Serbia, but we will take the message of "Christian Royalty" to anyone anywhere; with God's approval. With proper arrangements/accommodations we WILL come to you, PROCLAIMING THE METHODISM OF HOLINESS! We "Have Bible, Will Travel". Do YOU know who you are in Christ? The answer is found in 1 Peter 2:9, come and let us share this revelation, together.

Statement of Belief

We believe in the only TRUE living God, creator of all mankind. We believe that Jesus Christ is his only begotten son, born of a virgin, and that he died on the cross for our sins. We believe that the Godhead (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost) is represented through him, and that no other name is given, whereby man must be saved, than the name of Jesus Christ. We invoke his name for salvation, redemption, and baptism. We believe that God uses both males and females, to proclaim the Gospel. We believe in the "Methodism of Holiness", which is a godly code of conduct and Bible-based practices, that are used to instill discipline and build Christian character, within the life of the believer; so that he or she will be better equipped to serve God and mankind. We believe in the (7) seven principles (practices) of the Methodism of Holiness, which are: prayer, fasting, fellowship, solemn assembly, reading/studying God's word, communion with Christ, and communion with the Holy Ghost. We believe that Christ will return for his bride, THE CHURCH, and that HOLY LIVING is necessary to gain eternal life. We believe in the (5) five points of Christian Royalty (or abundance) which are: Spiritual, Financial, Mental, Physical, and Natural. Also, we believe that ALL Christians have a part, in the evangelization of the world.

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