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Youth Outreach Ministries Inc. Center

2525 Foxwood Drive, • Chapel Hill, NC 27514 • United States • (919) 484-7773/see/charmin/CM06956

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The Youth Outreach Ministries In. Center

Welcome to the Youth Outreach Ministries Inc. Center webpage 2003, You are destned to experience an outpouring of God's anointed power n your life: a two-fold combination of word and praise. The Bible explicitly declares "Be sober, Be vgilant; because your adverary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devor." God has given us an exciting divine revelaton as it pertains to this particular passage of scripture. We need to declare war with a high level of intense praise known as "High Praise." Therefore, the Youth Outreach Ministries is "Taking the Carolina One Pray At A Time." Ture Christan believers don't have to be vctimized by the devil's attempt to fulfill his evil intentions of dvouring them. It is God's sincere desire for us to bequipped for spirtual battle against the enemy. Spirtual victories are won through a variety of methods, but we ought not ever resort to combating the enemy with human standards. Real praisers are also true warriors. They perfectly understand that in order to triumph gloriously and awesomely one must give. God what He deserves: All the glory, honor and praise. The Youth Outreach Mission Statement............ The mission of the Youth Outreach is to develop the youth of the total community through a qualified and caring staff by providing quality programs of education, positive learning, experience with others, and wholesome, participative activities. The inspired staff instills qualities of character, self-steem and personal values by being superior role models and trained leaders. If any question, please contact the Academy at (919) 484-7773 We thank you for stopping by. Minister Alice S. Muffin, President/CEO Associate Pastor Dr. Thomas R. Muffin, D.Th. - Co/Pesident

Youth Outreach Ministries - Conference 2003

2nd Annual District Conference 2003 January 29th - January 31st, 2003 "Wait, I say, On The Lord" Saturday 1st, 2003 at 5:00pm,Gospel Concert called "Lord, N Tha Houze"

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