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International Bible Correspondence School

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Learn what the Bible teaches about Grace, Forgiveness, Righteousness, Reconciliation, Sanctification, Eternal Security, the Holy Spirit, All Things New, Our Position in Christ, Difficult Passages, The Armor of the Lord, Messianic Prophecies, the Divinity of Christ and many, many more subjects. Your teacher is Dr.Ron Thompson, chaplain, author, seminary professor and speaker. Dr. Thompson is a graduate of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary where he earned a Masters and Doctorate in New Testament. He has taught at New Orleans Seminary Extension and is presently on staff at Luther Rice College and Seminary Extension in Orlando, Florida. He is also on the faculty of Homestead College of Bible in Orlando.


These lessons have been distributed free of charge to the incarcerated all over the nation for many years. We are now making them available for a small charge to all who want to learn what the Bible teaches on various subjects. You will be geating a wonderful education in Biblical Doctrine and you will be helping us to continue to provide these lessons free of charge to men and women in jail and prison. Those who finish the lessons satisfactorily will receive a beautiful diploma and will have a chance to transfer their credits to a Bible college and earn a degree in Bible or Theology. Bible lessons are $14 a booklet. This price includes shipping and handling, grading and a beautiful diploma. If you have a loved one in jail or prison please send us their name and address and we will send them free Bible lessons. Please send your check or money order to: Dr. Ron Thompson P.O. Box 618477, Orlando, FL 32841

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