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Marcus Barr Ministries Inc. A Young Prophet

25# C Salem Garden Dr, • Winston-Salem, NC 27107 • United States • (336)650-9858/see/charmin/CM06846

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Information about our ministry

Under Prophet/Pastor Marcus Barr Leadership this ministry was formed in January 1998 and it was in 2000 in the State of NC set its ok on it.This has been a powerful ministry in this state and city. This Ministry is dedicated to turning lives around. Breaking the bounds of satan in this world, breaking chruch walls of race,denomination, tradition in order to create unity amoung believers. So i pray if this ministry can be of help to you give us a call or Email us. Prophet Barr is a 23yr old Prophet that love GOD. Ministering truth to the young and old people. His motto is from the Pit to the Palace GENESIS 37:29 "Developing a wider Base for Ministry"

From the Prophet/.Pastor Desk

My message is that we need to give god our all in what we do for him, we need to seek God's face so we can grow higher in Christ Jesus sometimes we seek people whin we need to seek Jesus, the more we seek him the more pwoerful we will be for the glory of God. You need to pray for your family and Church and Pastor. Look keep stand on the word of God and do not look at what is going on in your life. Just pray and give it to Jesus and it will be alright. "ACTS 1:8 But you Shall receive power" John 3:30 He must Increase,But i must decrease "RHEMA COVENANT WORSHIP CENTER -818 LAMAR AVE CHARLOTTE NC" Prophet J.E.Brown II. Pastor & EVANG STACEY Brown Asst Pastor Youth Conference 2002 "Let's Raise The Roof En Da Hosue" Friday & Saturday November 22nd & 23rd One of the Guest Speakers Prophet Marcus Barr and His message was Letting Christ Take Center Stage.Meet this Young Prophet at a City near you GOD BLESS YOU ALL. "Letting Christ take Center Stage"

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