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eagle's eye

this is the ministry of prophet maxwell macmillan-kissi.He has been known to preach the word of God with great illumination and power.God in a powerful way called him to minister and has endowed him with great insight into the word of God.His prophetic ministry does not just cover personal prophecies but also has to do with nations.For example God spoke to him about recent floods in Europe and other parts of the world.He also spoke to him(a month before it happened)about the recent assasination attempt on french president Jacques Chirac.He is currently serving under Pastor Victoria Kissi of Heaven-on-Earth chapel Accra- Ghana.He can be contacted at or ka 9443 airport-accra ghana.

dolphin's ear

maxwell macmillan-kissi has not only got an eagle's eye but also a dolphin's ear which is sensitive enough to hear the voice of the Lord.He is prepared to take your prayer needs and intercede for your business,ministry,marriage e.t.c.Contact him today and you will be glad you did.God bless you.

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