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Dennis Ogilvie Ministries

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You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free. It is the Truth you know and act upon that sets you free. Truth must penetrate through the mind into the heart and become a living revelation that motivates you to become a powerful witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. To be made like Him! To walk like Him! To talk like Him!To do the works of God like Him! To be His representative in the Earth. To connect the Authority and Power of Heaven to a sick, sinful world. To Heal the sick and broken hearted. To set the captives free. To release the anointing of God into the broken lives of people, who have been oppressed and beaten down by sin and the devil.

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*TTS* Triumphant Truth School Vision Statement To herald, to trumpet the truth of God's Word! To communicate revelation knowledge to God's people so they can become the overcomers, the more than conquerors that God wants them to be in Christ. "Herald"; one whom proclaims or announces; a bearer of messages. "Trumpet"; a musical instrument with a penetrating, powerful tone having a cup-shaped mouthpiece at one end. "Revelation knowledge"; is Holy Spirit given understanding of God's Word. Powerful truths of God's Word explained in a practical way that will benefit the hearer. Words of Truth that renews the mind and transforms man! Truth explained that inspires the believer to believe "That all things are possible to him that believes!" To feed God's children the meat of the Word so they can grow up into the maturity of the sons of God, just like the pattern Son Jesus Christ and do the works of God that He said we could do. Goals To establish a meeting place where serious believers can congregate and learn about the Kingdom of God. In this atmosphere of Faith the sick will be healed! To write articles and publish books that will inflame the desire of the Saint to press further into God and to be a dynamic witness of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. To use all forms of media to publish and proclaim that God's way is better than the World's way and that Jesus Christ is the Way! Strategy To have fellowship with like minded brothers and sisters who want to give God their best effort to live by Faith while they are here upon the Earth. We are not a church, but work with the churches as a teaching, preaching and healing extenuation of ministry. Serving as an example. If you would like to be involved with *TTS* or want to come to our meetings in Mississauga, Canada, contact Dennis Ogilvie I am available to come to your church or group to teach you the Truths that the Holy Spirit has taught me by revelation and experience. God bless, Dennis Ogilvie

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