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Teleios Ministries

2025 Marcoux Avenue, • Muskegon, MI 49442 • United States • 231-767-9633/see/charmin/CM06713

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Available for Teaching Seminars:

Evangelism - The call to evangelize is not optional; every son and daughter of God is called to share the Gospel. Ground yourself in the basics of salvation, and learn more than one method of sharing the message of Christ. Utilize role-playing and on-the-job observation to make the most of your unique way to win others to Christ.
Discipleship - Discover a variety of methods to develop new to their fullest potential. From Bible-study methodology to fellowships, discover ways to help those you or others have led to Christ to wade into the deeper things of God, becoming themselves fishermen and disciple-makers.
Leadership - Gain insight and tools for developing that 3% of those around you who are ready for a leadership role. Study some of the best experts in leadership training from a Biblical perspective. Includes mentoring assignments and some independent work.

Preaching Series:

The Secrets of a Happy Life
Communication is More than Talk
Stress and the Christian
The Freedom of Forgiveness

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