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Christian Life Outreaches

C/o Pastor P. Thuo 60511, 00200 City Sq, or 6096 00300 Ronald Ngala Street • NAIROBI, Kenya 254 • Kenya • 722-782214/see/charmin/CM06648

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Empowering the saints for the work of Ministry.

Welcome to Christian life Outreaches, a ministry that mainly deals with networking of Churches and ministries in equipping of believers for more fruitbearing and fulfilling christian experience. We believe in the fulfilment of the new testament and the continuation of the Book of Acts in our days. Our mission is to teach the word of God with Authority and power such that believers can come to unity and harmony and hit a common target, and get into high heights to fulfil the Prayer of Christ in John Chapter 17., Acts 1:1-8, Ephesian 4:11 and bring a new phase to the Christian family worldwide. You must be prepared for a great harvest in your life. For your prayer requests, ministry needs and fellowship, contact us via our email below. Pastor Peter Thuo, Founder.

With signs and wonders following!!

It is very boring for a believer to be signless. Many believers have been moving around following miracles and many chaos have been seen for saints not being equiped. In Christian Life outreaches, we have experienced tremendous miracles and God has been confirming the teaching of the word with many signs and miracles, healing, deliverance and many souls coming into salvation. We believe in getting you equiped and imparted with the Power of God through a personal Holy Spirit experience. YOu are not designed for anything less than a powerful daily encounter with God, and that is where we come in, to point you to your buttons in the Word. You must be blessed!! Pastor Peter Thuo

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