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Resh Ministry

12-2-800/501 Dilshad Nagar, Rethi Bowli • Hyderabad, Andhra pradesh 500028 • India • 91403524945/see/charmin/CM06633

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Vision of the Ministry: -

This ministry is established by The Almighty Lord Jesus Christ, even before the world was created .God Reveled about this Ministry in the year 1995 on October 2nd.The work of this ministry is to preach the word of God where the word has not reached. Help the poor pastors and Gods servant's families financially to enable them to go to places where the gospel has not reached.

As God Almighty has Blessed me with all his spiritual Gifts as God leads me I go and preach about Salvation, make everyone accept Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior. This ministry helps the people to build churches in their villages of any denomination.we also help them grow spiritually teach them the word of God and help the elders to lead the church. This ministry also help the children for their education, and those who need medical help we provide them .we are also praying to God to help the old and poor people for their living.

The finance for this done by Resh world .God has told me to earn and finance for this ministry. This is the promise of God from the Word of God IsaiahChapter 60. Any one who likes to be a part in this ministry read the word of God (Isaiah 60). Before you sow pray to God if he leads you to sow then only you will be able to sow in this ministry. Because this ministry belongs to Lord Jesus Christ nothing will happen without His will.

How God Has Reveled ThisMinistry To Me: -

My name is Vijay Anand Raj I was saved in the year 1989 when I was just 17 years old on November 11th I took baptism . One night as I was attending an all night prayer meeting I was filled with His Holy Spirit. And after that I joined my engineering collage that was in the year 1990 .In the collage I use to pray and take my friends to church then I started praying for his gifts. During my collage I face lot of temptations, as I was young .in the year 1993 I became very ill I was on my deathbed. At that time I was away from God I was not reading BiBle nor praying to God, still God saved me from that illness. In the year 1995 I went to one of my friends place as those where lent days they were praying I was moved by the Holy Spirit God I also joined them in prayer. We prayed for about 40 God loved me so much that I was filled with His Holy spirit and not only that He filled me with all his Gifts as said in the word of god in 1coranthians 11 chapter. And from that Lord Jesus Christ is using me mightily in His work. After 2 years I went back to my collage to complete my engineering that was in the year 1995.From then God stared talking to me. As my birthday was coming I started asking God to give a wonderful gift. I was fasting and praying that was on September 30 1995 for three days, on 2nd October early morning I heard voice of God, called my name 3 times Vijay Vijay Vijay that was my birthday He gave me wonderful gift from the word of god His promise to me (IsaiahChapter 60.)

From that day I am doing His work. Resh is the name given to me by Lord Jesus Christ. So Resh belongs to God Almighty.God has promised that Resh will be world biggest industry in all fields. I don't have any money with me but I have God with me. There are many wonders God has done in my life .Not only for my family but for the ones to whom God made me to pray for. Like when I prayed God blessed his children with brand New Kidneys, separated families where reunited many more , demons run away. God is using me mightily these days. About Me and My Family: I am blessed with nice family I am married, my wife is also an engineer God has blessed my wife with Gift of vision.we are from India. I have done my engineering in Mechanical .I am also a software engineer and I am running small business called Resh Info Tech. If God almighty leads you, you can even help this ministry financially. God Will bless you everyone those who read this. May the Grace Of our Lord Jesus Christ be with now and forever more. Amen amen amen. Email:-,

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