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Heaven Bound Ministries

33175 McFarlnd Rd #25, • Tangent, OR 97389 • United States • 5419282803/see/charmin/CM06591

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Missionary Trip To Kenya

" Vision of Souls for Jesus Christ"

Our Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

For several years, there has been a longing in our hearts and souls to serve God more, touch lives, and bring more souls to know our Savior Jesus Christ and to enter the Kingdom.

This vision visualized with a recent visit from a beautiful Brother, Pastor Alec, from Kenya. The desire in our hearts became overwhelmed with God's faithfulness to go to the mission field in Kenya for a work, to touch the people that Jesus would have us help, to tell of His grace, peace and great love. There are many future brothers and sisters living in "the bush". Even though their lives are very different from us, their desire to know Jesus is real; to know Him as their personal savior, receive eternal life in heaven.

This will be quite a wonderful, exciting and fulfilling journey for us. We are in need of many prayers and support to help in God's "Vision for souls for His Son, Jesus". We would enjoy coming to visit you to tell our testimony before and after our work in Kenya, share in songs of praise and worship to Jesus the Son and scriptures from God `s Word. We pray that you will open your hearts to our need and plea to share Jesus's, love, peace, joy, and the hope of eternal life for the lost and offerings of love donations to be sent to Kenya, sharing the promises of Jesus. We look forward to hearing from you all to share in the love of Jesus. Please call us at 541-924-2803. Working for Jesus, Heaven Bound Ministries

Rev. James and Diana Fritz Rev. Bob and Lisa and MissCaitlin Strom 33175 McFarland Rd Tangent, OR 97389 Our new phone is 541-924-2803. " Vision of Souls for Jesus Christ" Bro & Sis Sage, So many times we have thought of you, our long ago time with Coburg church tryouts, the beautiful people there, the taco place and the love that you have always shared with us. We have had quite a blessed year for our son-in-law, Bob, with his transplants, but also very hectic. We have been praying regarding a more personal, one on one touch of lives for Jesus. Our hearts were blessed by Brother Alex from Kenya when he visited our church, Brother and Sister Loftis, Pentecostal Church of God, Corvallis. We are sending this letter praying that you will pray about helping us with many prayers and much support throught the district. We would like to come and visit with you, sharing our vision for souls for Jesus. We know that with your pure heart and faithful support to God, His vision for souls for His son Jesus, more to enter the Kingdom, will receive many blessings of which you will share a major part in. Is there support through the Missionary Funds with the Organization?? Please share with us. How, who, where and what do we need to do??? Please let us know about a Wednesday night, Friday evening or a Saturday afternoon that will be convenient for you both. We will either come to Eugene or if you are in Albany, we would be honored to have you visit us in our home. Thinking of you often, prayers included,wanting you to see our beautiful granddaughter, Caitlin, another precious gift from God. We look forward to setting a special time you all to share in the love of Jesus. Please call us at 541-924-2803. Working for Jesus,

Vision for Souls for Jesus

We are an evangelistic family searching for places to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to win souls for the Kingdom of God.

We have some wonderful, encouraging, miricles from God to share with you. We minister in Oregon, at the present time, in song and the preaching of "The Word." We are open to come to your beautiful santuary for a great time of fellowship in Jesus. Please contact us at 541-924-2803 God Bless you Brothers and Sisters, and little ones Rev Jim & Diana Fritz Rev Bob & Lisa Strom and Miss Caitlin (she will warm your heart)

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