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Resh Ministries

12-2-800/501 Dilshad Nagar, Rethi Bowli Mehdipatnam • Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500028 • India • 91403524945/see/charmin/CM06590

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Vision Of Resh Ministry

Resh Ministries

Praise the lord!
This ministry is established by The Almighty Lord Jesus Christ .My name is Vijay Anand Raj I was saved in the year 1989. Since then I was in Gods work I prayed for about 6 years God blessed me with His Entire Spiritual Gifts .I was in my engineering final year God has spoken to me I heard his voice in 1995 during lent days God lord Jesus Christ.I was fasting and praying in that year he blessed me with his mighty gifts. From then I am doing gods work. I am blessed with nice family I am married my wife is also n engineer.we are from India. Coming to Resh Ministries the work of Resh Ministries is to preach the word of God and help the people where there is no church to build a new church in their villages and help the old and poor people financially. Help the poor pastors financially so that they will sever the Almighty God and spread the word of God to the world where the word and salvation of the God is not reached. For this Resh World is supporting Financially. Resh world organizes prayer meetings finance, for the poor, to build churches, to support poor pastors families, sick people, old and orphans, poor children for their education .All this work is to make all the people know the word of God, Salvation And Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ .His Love to all the mankind. We are depending on God for all the financial needs For this it requires lot on money Resh World is doing business and supporting its ministers. So me n my family request all those who read this to pray because this is a very big work of god more than money we need prayers .We are doing this in India because gospel has to be reached to many parts of India. There are many ministers who are just concentrating in cities the word of God is not reaching the interior places, there are many many places n people who don't know about Lord Jesus Christ. Resh Ministries is doing that which others not. Coming to me I am married my wife's name is Preethi, my parents, I have 1 sister she is doctor and 1 brother his a engineer. The chairman n founder of this ministries and company is Lord Jesus Christ, my family and I work for Him. Pray for us and for the work we are doing. Once again God Bless all those who read this letter and God will fulfill all the desires and prayers u have. For any prayer you cam mail me are call me at anytime. If God almighty leads u you can even help this ministry financially.

Address: -				Email:-
 Vijay anand raj k 

Dilshad nagar
Hyderabad 500028
Phone # 91-40-3524945 ; 91-40-6537709

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