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Life's Christian Magazine(Company Information

Company Information

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Life's Christian Magazine/ Revista Cristiano

This web site was formed to Evangelize the gospel of Jesus Christ and to provide Christians with necessary witnessing tools to testify.

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This company was formed in 1998 but was actually started this year, every second a sinner dies the second death it i stime to Evangelize the Gospel of Christ.
We as Christians no matter how many tears we know Christ we need to always be open for suggestions oin how to talk to a non believer and answer simple questions in a way that they will notice the need for Christ.

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Our Mission

Carry the Gospel to all nations before the coming of the Lord Jesus Please consider donating to help us publish Magazine for offline viewers. Donate Now

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Our ViSion for Churches today


Vision for Life's necessities fundraisers

The purpose of this vision

I. To instruct youth while they are young and when they grow old they will not depart from it.

A. We need to teach the youth about purity, self respect, abstinence and relationships.

B. The youth of this age sometimes need counseling outside of home in certain circumstances such as crisis in the family, divorce, single parent homes and other peer group problems.

C. We need to Ordain youth as in Ministries, so that they can testify to peers in school and bring other youth to Christ.

D. Youth group are often looked over when it comes to offerings when really this is the biggest ministry there is, there are our future church and I believe they need a full time youth leader and the he (she) need s to be equipped with necessary tools and funds also.

II. Single Mothers

A. There are many programs to help poor single mothers but many of this help requires them to work 2-3 jobs and they are not allowed to go to school full time or helps will be cancelled.

B. We want to help women who would like be educated but cannot because of the time and money it requires.

C. Single Parents are also bound to cheap labor because of transportation, so we will help them to find funds for the down payment for a vehicle.

D. We Also would like to help them find the counseling they and their children need to cope with the separation, divorce, death and crisis that occur in single parenting homes.

Its time to work one job so in the evenings we can spend more time with our children!!1

III. Abuse in the family be it against spouse or the children

A. We need to educate women about abuse and how to escape abusers.

B. I have noticed abuse shelters provide temporary homes but they are not capable of ministering to abused women, most self help talks only prolong hurts and cause them to be depressed in medicated.

C. If we can medicated the soul with God's word they won't need worldly counseling, we might even be able to open up a Christian based abuse shelter(s)

IV. Crisis in the family

A. Be it crisis like to one of Sept. 11, we As a Church need to be ready to minister to families in crisis.

B. We as a Church, as oppose to the red cross should be ready to minister to cities, countries, persons, families in crisis and in need, be it economically and spiritually. That is why many people turn their heart from God because there is not enough people who care to see needs and do something about them. (Be Ye doers of the word and not a mere stuttered of lips)

V. Evangelism

A. My Bible says that there are many functions in the Church, and we as a Church must back up these functions in our tithe and offering in order for us to take the Gospel to all Nations.

B. He Has called some to be Preachers, some teachers, some intercessors, some Pastors, some deacons and ushers, some healers, some will prophesy and some will Evangelize.

C. To evangelize or any of these functions they need to be equipment with Proper material, Study Guides, funds to carry out these functions.

Conclusion: My greatest commission is to carry out the mission John 3:16 and to take the Gospel to the fullest extent to take the world back for Christ.

If you would like to be a part of this Vision Contact

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