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Millennium Universal Ministries

No. 530, Pritchard Ave. • Winnipeg, MB R2W 2J9 • Canada • 204-582-8817/see/charmin/CM06586

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Welcome to Millennium Universal Ministries

NO. 513
Pritchard Ave
Winnipeg, MB R2W 2J9

Staff / Leaders

Enock Matueny
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As we all aspire for accomplishment of our dreams in life, on top of that are peace and happiness. Unless we are happy and in peace, our expectations are indistinct. Thus without expectations or simply a dream in life, we are not what we are supposed to be. For We are engulfed with anger, worries, frustration and hatred. All these are true when we allow expectations to overcome our faith in the Lord. While we must also remember the fact that life alone has its own ups and downs that cannot be totally controlled, our best guide has always been what Matthew said about the tendancies of need. See Matthew 6: "25-34". Millennium Universal Ministries, seeks to support the issue of Global peace and Unity and In recognition of the importance of support by other Churches, it intends to work hand in hand with them. The Church will exert necessary efforts to provide training programs that will help equip resource Peace mediators and Christian Counselors plus much more.

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