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Team Thrust for the Nations

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We are an evangelistic outreach ministry for the Body of Christ. The ministry was founded in Atlanta, IL by the late Preacher Eddie Cunningham. In 1969 the Lord spoke to him through a dream and broke his heart for the lost. The revelation he was given by the Holy Spirit was to take members of the Body of Christ, via bus crusades, to the inner cities of America and the world. Today this ministry continues with this same vision to win lost souls for the kingdom. Under the guidance of President Lonnie Cunningham, we begin our crusades with prayer and wait for the corporate anointing to manifest on the team. Then, the team loads up and "thrusts" quickly into the streets according to Luke 14:21b which says, "Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in hither the poor, and the maimed, and the halt, and the blind." Since moving to West Georgia, we have witnessed some exciting things that the Lord is doing on the streets. We have ministered to people in all walks of life, from the homeless to the affluent. These people all share one thing in common - they are all looking for fulfillment. Many of them look to drugs or alcohol, but our teams have been able to share the only thing that provides eternal fulfillment, and that is life in Jesus Christ. Many have responded to the positive message, as we present Jesus and His love for them. Our teams personally minister to the lost in their own environment, and bring the physical proof of God's love in the form of food, blankets, etc. This opens the door for us to show them how to accept Jesus Christ as their own personal Savior. Our outreach is interdenominational, and operates strictly by faith. It is maintained by donations from people with a vision for reaching those for whom Jesus died.


The Door of Hope is a fulfilment of a vision Preacher and Sister Cunningham had for a residential Christian program for hurting women who need Jesus and an "ICU" unit where they could be healed. The medicine is the WORD OF GOD, love and caring, which is the only sure cure for a sick and wounded soul. After many years of praying, a "great effectual" door has been opened, and now we have a place where women can get solid, spiritual guidance and counseling, and a safe haven away from the life they once knew. Our program is a 3 month program for women coming out of prison, or out of an abusive situation. We are completely supported by private donations, and accept no government assistance. The program includes bible study, chapel, work period, regular church attendance, and wellness program, with practical application of the Word of God. Each woman is evaluated regularly, and the program is structured according to their situation and needs.

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