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Global Prayer Challenge

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Global Prayer Challenge

Way back in 1972, the Lord gave me a vision of dark clouds billowing up over the horizon. Against this backdrop, I saw a very large band of horsemen with turbans and flowing robes, galloping hither and thither at speed, yelling and brandishing weapons. It is only now, some thirty years later that the significance of this vision has become apparent.

World Wide Chain of Prayer.

Following this, in 1994, the Lord give me a vision of the globe with all the countries thereon and encircling the globe, a massive chain with the words PRAYER woven in its links. Reminding me that the world has 24 time zones, the Lord made it clear to me that there was an urgent need for His children in each of these time zones to establish Intercessory Prayer Teams, thereby forming one united WORLD WIDE CHAIN OF PRAYER, interceding 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year. For more information on this remarkable revelation and how each and every true believer can become involved, visit

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