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Leadership On The Potters Wheel Leadership Cours

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Leadership on the Potter's Wheel Spiritual Leadership Restoration Course for Church Leaders 2002. STAFF/LEADERS: SENIOR LRC INSTRUCTOR: Stacy Avalon Wade LRC SECRETARY: Akilah Burgette COURSE LENGHT: 3 Weeks(Course can be modified to church's request) COURSE OBJECTIVE: First, the main purpose of this spiritual leadership restoration course and it's biblical doctrine and practical principles, beliefs, and knowledge end results for the spiritual leader should be life changing, righteous fruits producing, faith building, leadership skills, tools, and characteristics enhancement. In many ways the LRC will not only challenge the spiritual leader's leadership knowledge, beliefs, tools, and skill, but will also fine tune and strenghten the leader's covenant relationship with God, mentorship leadership principles, perceptions, and will reveal spiritual insights needed by the spiritual leader as it relates to the worth/value of each believer in the body of Christ Jesus. Second, The LRC was designed to develope, prepare, enhance, and empower leaders/potential leaders

leadership skills,tools, and to empower the leaders and potential leaders, who are called by God to equip, to edify, and to teach the Saints of God how to work in their God sent Ministries. Finally, leaders, upon your completion of the leadership restoration course, your leadership knowledge, skills, tools, and leadership abilities will have been ehanced a hundred fold. Your covenant relatioship with God will have been strenghten, and your love for God's people and their gifts, talents, and ministries will be both understood and appreciated. " THE BEST LEADERSHIP COURSE AVAILABLE TO MAN! " Second Email Address: SW.ADV.LEADERSHIP@JUNO.COM

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