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Andrew Bills Ministries

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There's No Such Thing As A Hopeless Situation!

This book was designed for you to learn what it takes to experience God's Presence and His Power, find significance in your life, break the bonds of demoniac influence, overcome depression, manage stress, deal with grief, reduce anxiety,and answer many other important questions that you may be facing. Andrew Bills is also the author of: "Never Step Down To The Level Of Your Circumstances", "How Long Should You Wait For Your Prayers To Be Answered?" and several other powerful books of wisdom and faith.

About Andrew Bills

He has served for several years as a Pastor, Lecturer, Advisor, Broadcaster, Author, and Evangelist. And through the means of radio, cable television, books, cassette tapes, revivals, crusades, and a monthly newsletter called, "The Victory Report", he's being used of God as a Teacher to the body of Christ and a preacher of the gospel to the unsaved. Building faith, bringing hope, inspiration, and deliverance to many souls, he concludes every message with his familiar words, "That Jesus Has Already Worked It Out For You! He's given you the "Victory Thru Calvary."

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