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Gospel Truth Ministries

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Spiritual Warefare Seminar

Confronting the enemy in the name of Jesus Christ to set the captives free.Tearing down strongholds that bind us by putting on the whole armor of God.Jesus,the name that is above every name will bring whole- ness and victory into broken lives.Salvation is incomplete until abso- lute victory and wholeness is restored to our lives. JOHN 10:10; says the thief who has stolen your peace,your joy,your family,and your life is in the world for that purpose.But Jesus has come that you might have life and a better quality of life itself. There is a battle for the soul of every man,woman,and child on this earth,and it's time for the Church of Jesus Christ to prepare themselves to fight.There is victory in Jesus Christ.

Healing For Every Believer Today

There is a desperate need for all kinds of healing in the body of Christ,but physical healing of the body is almost lost because of fear,confusion,and doubt.So much is being said contrary to the Word of the living God concerning this issue that for the sake of every living soul it must be addressed. Psalm 103,says the benefit of serving the Lord is that He heals ALL of our sicknesses and ALL of our diseases.It is the heritage and the will of God for every believer to be healed.As a child of God it is your inheritence and your legal right to proclaim and receive what legally belongs to you.No matter what anyone says,stand-up and claim every one of your rights as a believer in Jesus Christ.

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