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LifeLine Ministries CRS

P.O. Box 3147, Rev. Elton L. Young • Chattanooga, TN 37405 • United States • 423-266-9604/see/charmin/CM06293

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Founder and Administrator

Rev. Elton L. Young serves as an Associate Minister of the Orchard Knob Missionary Baptist Church, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Licensed as a Family Mediator, Relapse Prevention Counselor, and Christian Counseling Therapist, Rev. Young continues the vision of providing comfort to those facing on-going conflict and challenge through the ministry of healing and reconciliation.

The birth of LifeLine Ministries CRS was the result of a God-given vision that emerged from a time in which Rev. Young and his family experienced a season of great emotional pain and suffering. Today, as a licensed and ordained Minister of the Gospel, husband and father, Rev. Young continues the stewardship work of training and counseling individuals, churches, and organizations to manage and resolve conflict.

Blessed as a motivational speaker/lecturer, Conflict Resolution Trainer, Relapse Prevention Counselor, and Dean/Instructor of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Incorporated, Rev. Young uses these talents God has blessed him with to accomplish healing and reconciliation.

Rev. Elton L. Young is a graduate of the Christian Bible College and Seminary with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblcial Counseling and Psychology, along with a Master of Arts degree in Christian Counseling and Psychology. Licensed as a Relapse Prevention Counselor through the CENAPS Corporation (Center for Applied Sciences), Family Mediator through the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts, Parenting and Consumer Education Facilitator through the State of Tennessee, and Christian Counseling Therapist through the Christian Bible College and Seminary

Training and Seminar


Self-Identification (Addressing Conflict & Challenge) This training is designed to focus on how to resolve conflict between individuals, families, and groups from a Christian perspective. Students will learn how to turn conflict into productive opportunity through a training process that will include: 1. A seven-step approach to managing and resolving conflict; 2. Spiritual origin as the foundation for healing and reconciliation 3. Communication skills for resolving conflict 4. Analysis of power, rights and interests in conflict; 5. Applying conflict resolution skills in specific settings; 6. Hands-on, experiential training tailored to your specific needs. The outcomes of this training are as follow: 1. Assist in decreasing the high percentage of family divisions and divorce; 2. Assist in decreasing the high percentage of church splits 3. Reduce violence 4. Increase productivity 5. Improve quality and service 6. Strengthen relationships 7. Shift power struggles to cooperative problem solving by empowering Christians to approach conflict from a Spirit-filled perspective.

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