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Bible Study Books

-In Tamil -In English -Tranlation of foreign books in Tamil Our Tamil Books: 1. Women in Genesis 2. Heroines in the Bible 3. Ruth 4. Virtuous Woman 5. Believer's Home 6. Gift to the Couple 7. The Rain and the Snow 8. Scriptural Names and their Meanings 9. are a Dove! 10.Christian Stewardship 11.Pentecostal Experience 12.The Twelve Disciples I 13.The Twelve Disciples II 14.One Hundred Sermons 15.Tongues is a Gift; But........ 16.Baptism 17.The Trinity 18.Fruit of the Spirit 19.Doctrinal Clarifications 20.The Second Coming of Jesus 21.Abraham, an Unbeliever 22.Edifying Illustrations 23.Inspiring Illustrations 24.Ten Messages 25.Romans 26.Every Day with the Lord 27.How to find God's will? 28.Invest in the Best 29.Honourable Wife 30.Beware of Dogs 31.Joshua 32.Holiness 33.Barnabas, the Levite 34.Taste and see 35.Assurance of Salvation 36.The family Jesus Likes 37.Stephen 38.Naaman 39.Joseph 40.Festival Songs 41.Good Friday Order of Worship 42.Songs for Prayer Meetings 43.Words from the Cross 44.Imitation of Christ 45.Beware of False Prophets Our English Books: 1. Sinners and Winners 2. You have Eternal Life 3. Joshua 4. Scriptural Names and their Meanings 5. The Rain and the Snow 6. Wait till Your Wedding 7. Foundations for Faith 8. Outlines and Overviews 9. Wit and Wisdom 10.Inspiring Illustrations 11.Edifying Illustrations 12.Stories for Sermons 13.Striking Statements 14.Selected Sermon Sketches 15.Personal Evangelism 16.The Power of Prayer 17.The Christian Home 18.Christian Giving 19.Sin is not Fun 20.Arresting Anecdotes 21.Guard your Heart 22.The Second Coming of Jesus Christ 23.Winsome Wedding 24.The Trinity 25.Jesus in the Desert * Each book costs $ 5 only ; Postage extra. * 20% discount on bulk order of minimum 50 copies of each title. -A/V & Video Cassettes on Bible Study messages -List available at the above address

Evangelical Tamil Bible Commentary

Since we share partnership in God's mission I want to share with you my God given vision. God has commissioned me to write an Evangelical Tamil Bible Commentary. For your information, there is no evangelical Bible commentary in Tamil in the world and this vision is a pioneering project. The Commentary is going to be published in 12 volumes.

The total cost of production of the commentary is about $60,000.00 and each volume will cost about $5,000.00.

We want to request you, to sponsor the publication of one of these volumes. It will be a great investment in the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God. If you are not able to share a big sum, you are requested to contribute any donation toward this cause. You are also requested to introduce this vision to those who are in the Body of Christ and raise sponsors for this project.

Thank you; God Bless You.

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